Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Ahlers Zartosht POL 2019 Michael Oppenheimer Implications of the Proposed U.S.-Mexican Border Wall on the Tohono O’odham Nation PEI
Akiti Korlekuor EEB 2019 Daniel Rubenstein Plant Forward or Plant Upward? Taste and Nutrition of Crops Grown on Organic and Vertical Farms Compared PEI
Amokwandoh Amo EEB 2019 Stephen Pacala The Conservation of and Improvement of Caribbean Coral Reefs: Reef Restoration Through Plantation of Acropora crevicornis PEI
Bender Emmy EEB 2019 Daniel Rubenstein Pastoral Grazing Patterns, Livestock Performance and Impacts on Vegetation Growth PEI
Berbari Elias EEB 2019 Christina Riehl An Investigation into the Potential impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on the Core Areas and Habitat Use of Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis) in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve PEI
Carabbia Luke EEB 2019 Christina Riehl Parental Feeding Decisions in the Greater Ani Environmental Scholars
Carlson Stephen EEB 2019 Lars Hedin Oxygen Variability in Lake Carnegie PEI
Chase Rohana HIS 2019 Gyan Prakash Water-related Grassroots Environmental Activism in the Kathmandu River Valley PEI
Clark Knox EEB 2019 Stephen Pacala Marine Invertebrate Fisheries in the Bahamas PEI
Corso jack EEB 2019 Stephen Pacala Spatial Characterization of Coral Reef Ecology Around Moorea Island, French Polynesia PEI
Demian Nadeem EEB 2019 Corina Tarnita Indirect Effects of Bigheaded Ant invasion on Laikipia Grass Communities, Mediated by Various Scale Insects (Order: Hemiptera) PEI
Demmel Megan EEB 2019 Rober Pringle Gut Microbiome and Diet of African Savanna Herbivores PEI
DuRussel Katie GEO 2019 Bess Ward Estimating Rates of Anerobic Nitrite Oxidation in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Through Incubation Experiments PEI
Eyster Artemis GEO 2019 Stephen Pacala Using Thematic Mapper to Quantify the Growth and Abundance of Liana-Dominated Communities PEI
Geyman Emily GEO 2019 Adam Maloof How Do Carbonates Record Sea Level and Seawater Chemistry Environmental Scholars
Gilsilvetti Mateo EEB 2019 Andrew Dobson Relationships Between T. cruzi Strains and Their Tropism with Pathology Development in North Western Colombia and Implications for Chagas Health Policy. PEI
Gu Elaina EEB 2019 Mary Stoddard Assessing the Ranging Patterns and Habitat Use of African Elephants PEI
Iqbal Azwad EEB 2019 Robert Pringle Large Mammalian Herbivore Diets and Resource Partitioning in Nyika National Park PEI
Jacobson Tess PHY 2019 Gabriel Vecchi Impact of Global Radiative Perturbations on Large Scale Planetary Hydroclimate Environmental Scholars
Lin George CHM 2019 Julien Ayroles Antibiotics and Mitochondrial Toxicity: An Biochemical, Environmental and Sustainability Challenge PEI
Lin Tyler EEB 2019 David Wilcove Coral Reef 3D Complexity as a Driver of Ecosystem Function and Biodiversity PEI
Lohmann Jack ENG 2019 Rob Nixon, Tamsen Wolff The Sentencing of Nauru Environmental Scholars
Malik Maria EEB 2019 Jessica Metcalf An Analysis of Infectious-Disease Incidence and Health Center Vulnerability to Cyclones Due to Climate Change in Madagascar PEI
Martinez Lindsay EEB 2019 Daniel Rubenstein African Equids as Islands of Gastrointestinal Parasite Colonization and Extinction PEI
McGrath Monica EEB 2019 Julien Ayroles Effect of Microbiome on Viability and Life History Trade Offs PEI
Mihan Noah CEE 2019 Amilcare Porporato Game Trail Networks: How Predicting Transportation Networks Can Help Conservation Efforts PEI
Miller Greta CEE 2019 Amilcare Porporato Modeling the Hydrologic Balance of Epiphytic Plants and the Effect of Environmental Conditions on Facultative C3/CAM Bromeliads PEI
Peng Sisi GEO 2019 Satish Myneni How Will Sea-Level Rise Affect Organohalogen Production in Coastal Soils? PEI
Pereira Feron Gabriella CHM 2019 Sonja Francis Carbon Dioxide Reduction Catalyst Discovery PEI
Petticord Daniel EEB 2019 Robert Pringle The Ecology of the Leopard Tortoise Becky Colvin Memorial Award/Environmental Scholars
Quach Lilly EEB 2019 Mary Stoddard Bird Eggshell Thickness in Relation to Light Transmission and Thermal Regulation PEI
Redding Erin WWS 2019 Darren Hammell Policies to Improve Solar Energy Access in the Philippines PEI
Schmidt Valeria EEB 2019 Stephen Pacala A Comparative Project Between the Acclimation Dynamics and the Cross-Generational Plasticity of Porites astreoides and Pocillopora damicornis After Prolonged Exposures to Thermal Stress. PEI
Schneider TC PSY 2019 Johannes Haushofer Lead in Drinking Water and Its Effects on Stress PEI
Sheridan Lisa EEB 2019 David Wilcove Investigating the Effect of Grazing on Flowering, Pollination and Seed Production of Meadow Plants. PEI
Silveira Sebastian EEB 2019 Daniel Rubenstein Optimal Foraging Patterns in Plains Zebra (Equus quugga): The Trade-off Between Nutrient Abundance and Parasitic Risk PEI
Smart Zachariah EEB 2019 Christina Riehl The Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation on the Reproductive Biology of the Greater Ani (Crotophaga major), a Neotropical Insectivorous Bird Environmental Scholars
Sobel Rebecca ECO 2019 Lisa Bilir Environmental Classifications Impact on Perceptions of Tourism, Tourism Flows, Willingness to Pay and Environmental Degradation: A Case Study of the Galapagos Islands PEI
Tralie James GEO 2019 Jessica Irving Documentary Film About My Research: Studying the Cape Verde Islands Using Seismology PEI
Travis Clayton CHM 2019 Satish Myneni Formation and Characterization of Natural Organobromine from Terrestrial Soils PEI
Van Brande Helena COM 2019 Christy Wampole Contemporary Ecopoetry: Reconnecting People to the Environment in a Rapidly Changing World PEI
Woolford Kate EEB 2019 Mary Stoddard A Comparison of Pristine and Degraded Mangroves in Akumal and the Impact of Mangrove Degradation on Adjacent Seagrasses and Coral Reefs PEI
Zhang Joanna EEB 2019 Daniel Rubenstein Wildlife Response to Landscapes Altered by Different Livestock Grazing Patterns PEI
Zhang Karen EEB 2019 Corina Tarnita Designing an Optimal Monitoring Strategy for Caribbean Coral Reefs Using Novel Technological Approaches PEI