Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Abate Melekot POL 2011 Amaney Jamal Conflict or Cooperation: The Road Forward for Egypt and Ethiopia in the Aftermath of the Nile Basin Initiative Hayes
Ackerman Jack POL 2011 Diane Snyder Public Health After 9/11: A Shifting Balance Between the Collective Good and Individual Civil Liberties Health
Arguedas Kristin PSY 2011 Deborah Prentice The Role of Social Norms and Influence in Developing Attitudes Towards Lion Conservation Development
Aronson Jacob WWS 2011 Frank Popper Managing competing interests for outdoor recreation on public and private land in New York State Dodge
Barkley Hannah EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala The Effect of Increased Ocean Temperature, Ocean Acidification, and Nutrient Enhancement on the Reproduction and Recruitment of the Atlantic Coral Favia fragum Energy
Barron Brooks WWS 2011 Denise Mauzerall American Public Perception of Climate Change Energy
Beck Harold EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Potential Use of Southern Pine as Feedstock for Cellulosic Ethanol Energy
Boberg Margaret POL 2011 Douglas Massey Implementing Scandinavian Housing and Urbanism policies in the Western United States Walbridge
Bokman Christine WWS 2011 Bryan Grenfell Influenza Preparedness and Broadly Neutralizing Vaccine Health
Bradley Max HIS 2011 Alison Isenberg Public Land and Usufruct Rights: National Parks and the Denial of Native American Land Use Claims Barron
Brooks Kelsey EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Phytoremediation of Soils in Trenton Hayes
Buchholtz Erin EEB 2011 Daniel Rubenstein The Top-Down effects of Zebra Grazing Habits: Informing an Ecohydrological Model of Dryland vegetation in Laikipia, Kenya Development
Carmona Lisa EEB 2011 Daniel Rubenstein The Effects of Predation Risk on Maternal Behavior of Antelopes Development
Chen Rena ANT 2011 Elizabeth A. Davis Bird’s Nest Soup: The Impact of an Ancient Cultural Delicacy upon the Ecology and Economic Development of Malaysia Hayes
Cheng Michael EEB 2011 Peter Andolfatto Population Structure of the Christmas Island Red Crab Hayes
Chiwara Nelson WWS 2011 Carolyn Rouse The Failure of the Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission Program in South Africa Health
Costa Matthew EEB 2011 James Gould Mangrove Species Zonation Hayes
Donald Nicholas EEB 2011 David Wilcove Climate Change Effects on Trout Habitat and Tourism in the Yellowstone Region Dodge
Dreibelbis Carol ANT 2011 Alan Mann The Anthropology of Vegan Bakeries Hayes
Driscoll Colleen WWS 2011 Michael Oppenheimer Effects of Climate Change on South African Vineyards and the Corresponding Economic Impacts Energy
Duhaney Leanne EEB 2011 Bryan Grenfell Profile of TB Patients in Jamaica and the Detection and Quality of Diagnosis of TB Cases in the Island Health
Dutta Sarina ANT 2011 Joao Biehl Nutrition and Health Systems in South Africa Health
Fisch Jacob WWS 2011 Robert Finn How does climate change affect the cost-benefit analysis of Turkey’s major hydroelectric project, the Southeastern Anatolia Project Energy
Gawande Rohit WWS 2011 Stephen Kotkin Urban and Environmental Policy in North Indian Cities Energy
Growald Daniel EEB 2011 Lars Hedin Red Soil, Black Charcoal, Green Grass: A Recipe for Productivity, Carbon Sequestration, and Soil Improvement on Degraded Lands? Energy
Huynh Ryan EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Thermal Ecology of Anolis Lizards in the Bay Islands and their Vulnerabilities to Climate Change Hayes
Inyang Meyeneobong EEB 2011 Andrew Dobson The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: A Comparative Study of Disease Dynamics on a Global Scale Health
Ivey Lauren ARC 2011 Catherine Seavitt The Architecture of Urban Environmental Justice Barron
Izzo Allan ARC 2011 Dan Wood & Amale Andraos Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes in Chicago Hayes
Jung Joseph SOC 2011 Miguel A. Centeno Slow Food as Social Movement Versus Consumer Practice Dodge
Knutson Justin CHM 2011 Michael Kelly Building a Fuel Cell with Liquid Salts Energy
Kothari Shawn WWS 2011 Adel Mahmoud Evaluation of the New Jersey State Flu Immunization Mandate as a Nationally Scalable Model Health
Li Zoe Q. MOL 2011 Peter Jaffe The Beacon Solar Energy Project for Sierra Leone Energy
Liang Yin CBE 2011 Jay Benzinger Carbon Monoxide Removal by Periodic Oxidation Pulse in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Hydrogen Purification from Coal Reformate Energy
Markowitz Caroline HIS 2011 Bradley Simpson The World Bank and Environmentalism: President Barber Conable and the Sardar Sarovar Dam Project Dodge
Martinez Elena EEB 2011 James Gould Degradation and Functioning of Mangrove Systems Dodge
McGinnis Kevin WWS 2011 Gregory van der Vink The Role of the State in Latin American Water Management: A Comparative Approach Development
Merlone Michael EEB 2011 Lars Hedin Bio-Charcoal as a Means to Decrease Local and Global Environmental Harm Due to Conventional Agricultural Practices While Increasing and Maintaining Soil Fertility Energy
Nahol Dalia SOC 2011 Delia Baldassarri The Rural-Urban Divide: Do Rural Residents Care Less about the Environment? Hayes
Noda Kohei EEB 2011 Daniel Rubenstein Livestock Grazing in a Changing Climate: Investigating its Effects on the Ecohydrological Model in Laikipia, Kenya Development
O’Connor Molly B. CEE 2011 Kelly Caylor Atmospheric Dynamics in Canopies Development
Ong Ming EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Queen Conch Distribution and Ecology Around the Cayos Cochinos Islands Dodge
Oswald Jennifer EEB 2011 James Gould The Effect of Estrogen and Light Pollution on Sailfin Molly (Poecilia Latipinna) Hayes
Pandit Caaminee SOC 2011 Douglas Massey Comparative Analysis Studying the Experiences of those Displaced by Urban Renewal Programs in the Blackbottom Neighborhood of Philadelphia and in District Six, Cape Town, under the South African Apartheid Government Hayes
Peralta Adjani EEB 2011 Bryan Grenfell Seasonal Variations in Birth Rates and the Implications of  These Patterns for Disease Dynamic and Control in Kenya Health
Prata Neia EEB 2011 Bryan Grenfell Effects of Tsetse Fly-Transmitted Trypanosomiasis on Cattle Health
Prescott Brittany EEB 2011 Bryan Grenfell How Vector Behavior Impacts Transmission of Dengue Fever Health
Press Katharine EEB 2011 Bryan Grenfell Eidolon Helvum as Vectors for Zoonotic Viruses Health
Rounds Henry NES 2011 Peter Jaffe The Beacon Solar Energy Project For Sierra Leone Energy
Sakkers Olaf ANT 2011 Joao Biehl Ethnography of HIV in a Rural South African Hospital Health
Schelegle Sierra EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Corridors and Connectivity: Potentials for Conservation in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama Dodge
Sherman Erin PSY 2011 Andrew Conway Reframing the Role of System Justification and Behavioral Inhibition in Restricting Reasoning about Climate Change Energy
Solis-Roman Claudia WWS 2011 Adel Mahmoud Design and Application of HIV/AIDS Pharmaceutical Drug Policy in Brazil Health
Stern Eric WWS 2011 David Kinsey Charter Reform: Empowering Communities and Restructuring Land Use Review in the City of New York Dodge
Sun Lova EEB 2011 Andrea Graham Malaria genetic diversity in induction of host cell apoptosis Health
Tan Victoria CHM 2011 Antoine Kahn Self-Assembled Monolayers on Aluminum Oxide, Titanium,
and Silicon
Thompson Haley MAE 2011 Eric D. Larson Proposal for Coal and Biomass Co-gasification Plant located in Wyoming  Energy
Torrey John ANT 2011 Joao Biehl How mosques and churches engage with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania Health
Treibergs Lija GEO 2011 Daniel Sigman Nitrogen sources to phytoplankton groups in the subtropical surface ocean Energy
Valerio Alexandra PSY 2011 Elizabeth Paluck The Influence of Social Pressures on Energy Conservation in Princeton University Dormitories Energy
Wade Kathleen WWS 2011 M.V. Ramana Incentivizing Large-scale Deployment of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in India Energy
Wenk Joseph EEB 2011 Stephen W. Pacala Prospects for Phytoextraction of Heavy Metal Contamination in Urban Environments Hayes
Whatley Lauren POL 2011 Helen Milner Protection of the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot in Thailand Hayes
Wheeler Lydia EEB 2011 Andrew Dobson Parasitic Assemblages in Hippopotamus Dung Nibblers: A Comparative Population Study and Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Hippopotamus Excrement and its Structuring Effects on Fish and Snails Parasite Communities Health
Willner Marjorie CHE 2011 Satish C. Myneni The Speciation of Organochlorine Compounds in Lake Sediments Hayes
Willsie Tucker WWS 2011 Julian Zelizer Public policy initiatives to promote solar energy Energy
Wilson Fiona POL 2011 Tyson Roberts Politics of Renewable Energy Policy in South Africa Energy
Xu Nora GEO 2011 Michael Bender Estimating Southern Ocean Carbon Export from Analysis of Phytoplankton Size Distribution and Pigmentation Energy
Yuan Neal R MOL 2011 Peter Jaffe The Beacon Solar Energy Project For Sierra Leone Energy
Zelazny Kaya EEB 2011 Lars Hedin Correlation between Leaf Character and Nitrogen Fixation in Tropical Forests Energy