Undergraduate Travel Policies and Conduct

Students must adhere to the University’s standards of conduct and requirements for undergraduate travel to participate in PEI internships and research-related travel.


Scholarships, Fellowships, and Funding Opportunities

PEI helps connect students to scholarship and fellowship programs for Princeton students – including the High Meadows Fellowship Program and the Princeton Project 55 Fellowships – and those outside the University, such as the Morris K. Udall Scholarship for students interested in work related to Native American nations or the environment. Students who enroll in the Certificate Program in Environmental Studies will receive email notifications of these opportunities as they arise.

On a limited basis, PEI has resources to support areas of undergraduate opportunities with an environmental focus, including conference funding, independent and/or group research, and continuing PEI supported projects. The proposal requires an endorsement from a Princeton faculty member for any research focused projects. Requests will be reviewed by PEI twice, yearly. Please contact Emily Ahmetaj with any questions regarding your proposal.

Funding applications will be available through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE). Proposals are due in SAFE the first Friday in March for use of funds in late spring, summer, or early fall, and are due the first Friday in October for use of funds in late fall, winter, and early spring. Proposals will not be reviewed outside of the March/October deadlines.


Student Organizations

Princeton hosts numerous campus groups that support sustainability and environmental responsibility. Listings are available online through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) and the Office of Sustainability.

PEI internships and research opportunities connect to activities and organizations on campus, as well as to institutions and large-scale initiatives worldwide.


Professional Development

The Princeton Office of Career Services supports undergraduate students in planning for their careers by offering guidance in developing CVs and resumes, preparing for interviews, networking, and advice on effective job searching.


Stay Connected – Resources for Alumni

The Alumni Association of Princeton University also offers a number of portals to stay in touch with the Princeton community. All PEI alumni can join the PEI email list (see bottom of page to subscribe) and follow PEI on Facebook to stay connected to our community and receive information about news and events.