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  • 2017 PEI Class Day honors newest ENV graduates
  • Protecting nature, preserving humanity
    A Q&A with Robert Pringle
  • In "The Environmental Nexus"
    students explore the many paths to saving the planet
  • A passion for nature
    drives senior Zoe Sims' excellence
    in environmental studies

Top Stories

Mary Stoddard egg research
Mary Caswell Stoddard, EEB and PEI, suggests that the shape of an egg for a bird of a given species may be to its capability for flight.

A Princeton and Rutgers study suggests that sea-level rise will increase boost the occurrence of moderate flooding in cities along the southeastern coast,...

Socolow BP Windfarm Visit
Princeton University researchers visited the BP-owned Sherbino Mesa II Wind Farm to understand the technical and financial aspects of wind power.

PEI Discovery Day 2017
Princeton University seniors and graduate students exhibited their environmental-studies research during PEI Discovery Day on May 10.


Environmental Humanities at Princeton
Grand Challenges
PEI Faculty Seminar Series

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