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  • Diving robots find:
    Antarctic seas release surprising amounts of carbon dioxide in winter
  • Protecting corn, saving elephants:
    Alana Reynolds pursues conservation through conflict resolution
  • Students study New Orleans'
    rich life and tenuous landscape
  • PEI awards $515,000 to projects
    studying our changing climate and environment

Top Stories

Engineering: Foam could offer greener option for petroleum drillers
Princeton researchers have experimentally tested the fracturing behavior of foam for use in hydraulic fracturing, which would use about 90 percent less water.

Photosynthesis and engines evolved in remarkably similar ways
A Princeton study suggests that plants and internal combustion engines share striking parallels in adapting to environmental conditions

Ocean's heat cycle shows that atmospheric carbon may be headed elsewhere
A Princeton-led study suggests that existing studies may have misgauged how carbon is distributed around the world

Six Princeton juniors named PEI Environmental Scholars
Six Princeton University juniors were selected to receive research support from the PEI Environmental Scholars Program


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