Covid-19 Update

All PEI events will be held virtually for Fall 2020. Please check our event calendar for details. PEI faculty, staff and students should continue to check the Princeton homepage for University-wide updates.

The Program in Environmental Studies (ENV) is educating a generation of Princeton students as leaders to address critical environmental challenges that they will face throughout their careers and in life. We provide a strong community for students with an interest in environmental topics and provide opportunities that include a wide array of courses, summer internships, and funding to support independent work in the junior and senior years. The ENV program is distinctive for the broad disciplinary backgrounds of participating students. Students wishing to demonstrate proficiency in environmental studies may pursue a Certificate in Environmental Studies.

The ENV Program is overseen by a faculty Executive Committee.

ENV courses explore emerging environmental themes and research in the sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Taught by world-class faculty and researchers, our classes include topics in climate science, environmental policy, land use and agriculture, environmental history, environmental communications, earth systems science, environmental justice, literature and the arts. Undergraduates may enroll in ENV courses starting in their first year. Current environmental studies courses are listed on PEI’s website and new courses are announced each semester.

Students concentrating in any academic discipline may pursue a Certificate in Environmental Studies. Participating students may elect one of two possible tracks: pick up the Generalist Track for students looking for a broad-based introduction to environmental topics or the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Track for students wishing to delve more deeply into the science and technical dimensions of environmental topics. To be eligible for the certificate, irrespective of track, students are required to complete five courses, investigate an environmental topic as part of their senior thesis, and participate in a senior curriculum. Students who complete the requirements receive a Certificate in Environmental Studies at graduation.

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