Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Alexander Aria EEB 2018 Micaela Martinez-Bakker Infant Vaccine Schedules PEI
Allen Ayla EEB 2018 Mary Stoddard Mapping Neotropical Primate Abundance and Habitat preferences in response to rainfall variation in the Amazon PEI
Alvarez Sophia ANT 2018 Serguei Oushakine Local Understandings of Urban Ecology and Place in New Orleans, LA PEI
Angier Katherine EEB 2018 Stephen Pacala  How does the Facultative Mutualism Between Ants and the Hyperdiverse Genus Inga Influence the Effects of Janzen-Connell Mechanisms in a Tropical Forest? PEI
Buoncore Courtney ANT 2018 Lauren Coyle The Value of New Zealand’s National Parks from a Conservationist and Cultural Perspective PEI
Carbonatto-Bowkett Daniel MAE 2018 Robert Stengel Combined Unmanned Aerial and Autonomous Underwater (UAV/AUV) Vehicle for Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms PEI
Cvetkovic Aleks EEB 2018 Simon Levin Scaling up Aquaculture PEI
Decitre Marc GER 2018 Thomas Levin Positive Freedom and the Anthropocene PEI
Facon Thomas EEB 2018 Daniel Rubenstein Stock Markets and Cattle Trading: New ways to grow Pastoral Cattle, Improve Security on Commercial Ranches, and Enhance Wildlife Conservation PEI
Gibbons Gabrielle EEB 2018 Corina Tarnita The Effect of Predator Absence on Spatial Ecology and Vigilance of Bushbuck in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique PEI
Goldstein Mark WWS 2018 Denise Mauzerall American National Parks and Climate Change PEI
Greenfield Michelle EEB 2018 Daniel Rubenstein Social Behavior of Tursiops truncatus After a Human Intervention PEI
Haynes Jesenia EEB 2018 Lars Hedin Vertical Farming Project PEI
Howlett Sonia EEB 2018 Andrew Dobson Role of Agricultural species in Galapagos Food Webs PEI
Jiang Emily EEB 2018 Simon Levin Meta-analysis of Antibiotic use and Resistance in Animals Worldwide PEI
Latham Emma EEB 2018 Christina Riehl Companion Planting in Organic Agricultural Systems PEI
Lee Allison EEB 2018 Andrea Graham Investigating Evolutionary Tradeoffs in Immune Responses of Musculus infected with Trichuris muris PEI
Lumour-Mensah Tabitha EEB 2018 Bridgett vonHoldt The Effects of Methyl Mercury Exposure on gene Expression in Zebra Finches PEI
McNulty Ellie EEB 2018 Christina Riehl Exclusion of Herring Gulls, Great Black-Back Gulls, and Canada Geese from Newly Restored Wetlands of Poplar Island, Maryland PEI
Menkir Tigist EEB 2018 Bryan Grenfell The Impacts of Vaccine Confidence, Uptake, and Clustering on Hepatitis A Dynamics – A Mathematical Modeling, Digital Epidemiology, and Survey-Based Analysis PEI
Mihalopoulos Meredith EEB 2018 Lindy McBride Investigating Olfactory Preferences of Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes PEI
Okubo Corey EEB 2018 Stephen Pacala Tracking the Recovery of a Keystone Urchin Species and its role in Reef Restoration PEI
Parker Quinn EEB 2018 Robert Pringle The impacts of edge effects on Microcebus murinus and Microcebus ravelobensis in the Mahamavo forest region, Madagascar PEI
Paulson William EEB 2018 Mary Stoddard Evolution of Plumage Colouration in the Birds of Paradise PEI
Reisinger Lily EEB 2018 Daniel Rubenstein The Evolution and Role of Zebra Stripes PEI
Reynolds Alana EEB 2018 Robert Pringle Prevention and Mitigation of Elephant Crop-Raiding in Gorongosa National Park’s Local Communities Becky Colvin Memorial Award
Salmons Andrew EEB 2018   Lindy McBride            Populations of odorant receptor neurons in different mosquito strains  
Shah Abhimanyu MAE 2018 Naomi Leonard   The Design and Implementation of Mobile Sensing Underwater Robots Forming Decision Making Networks
Shin Christopher WWS 2018 David Wilcove Evaluating the Potential of Ecotourism for Sustainable Development in Western Sichuan
Stella Beth EEB 2018 Andrew dobson Competition between the Larval Stages of the Mosquito Vectors of Malaraia and Dengue Fever
Temple Lindsay EEB 2018 Stephen Pacala Tracking the Recovery of a Keystone Urchin Species and its Role in Reef Restoration
Velitskaya Mayya EEB 2018 Daniel Rubenstein Perturbations of Social Networks in Domestic Horses: Effects on Youngsters
Weledji Tia EEB 2018 Andrew Dobson Phenotypic Variation of the Baculovirus in the Douglas-fir Tussock Moth and the Coexistence/Effectiveness of the Different Strands PEI
Yang Annie EEB 2018 Jessica Metcalf Population Genetics of Malagasy Dogs