Former Field Research Projects

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Theme
Anwar Raheel EEB 2012 Francois Morel Characterization of Carbon Concentrating Mechanisms in Marine Phytoplankton and Responses to Increasing Carbon Dioxide Concentration Energy
Badaracco Christina EEB 2012 Stephen W. Pacala Using Biomass From Pasturelands for Biofuel Feedstock in Kenya Energy
Blake Rachel MOL 2012 Thomas Shenk Challenges and Implications of Introducing Rotavirus Vaccine in Ghana Health
Boddie Alissa EEB 2012 Lars Hedin Aquaponics in Rural Kenya: A Sustainable Agricultural Technology to Build Food Security Development
Bowles Cayley EEB 2012 Bryan Grenfell Epidemiological Modeling of a Typhoid Outbreak Health
Brancusi Flavia MOL 2012 Adel Mahoud Epidemiologic and Immunologic Assessment of Tuberculous Meningitis Health
Case Madelon EEB 2012 Simon Levin Gopher Mound Disturbance and Plant Community Dynamics in Montane Meadows ENV
Cevallos Aaron EEB 2012 James Gould The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Calcification Energy
Chatterjee Anasua PHY 2012 Jason Petta Superconducting Proximity Effect in Topological Insulator Nanoribbons Energy
Cheung Christopher EEB 2012 Andrea Graham Helminth Infection and Protein Malnutrition in Wild Sheep Health
Chiu Justine EEB 2012 Daniel Rubenstein Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation of Asiatic Wild Ass (Khulan) in Kala Maili Nature Reserve ENV
Deprez Alexandra ANT 2012 Carol Greenhouse Conservando Castañales: Integrating Rainforest Conservation and the Sustainable Development of Local Livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon ENV
Duarte-Silva Barry Ana POL 2012 Griore Pop-Eleches The Influence of Foreign NGOs Operating in Cuba, and their Relationship with the Government ENV
Florence Peter CHM 2012 Jeffrey Schwartz Systematic Energy Level Manipulation of Solar Cell Interfaces with Dipolar Adsorbents Energy
Fredston-Herman Alexa EEB 2012 Stephen W. Pacala The Effect of Climate Change on Baleen Whale Migration Energy
Fredenberg Stephanie EEB 2012 David Wilcove Seasonal Population Dynamics and Habitat Partitioning of Tall Wading Birds in Two New Jersey Salt Marshes ENV
Geronimus Miriam EEB 2012 Stephen W. Pacala Effects of Heterortrophic Feeding on Coral Response to Ocean Acidification Energy
Gideon M. Derek COM 2012 Wendy Belcher “Strangers in Strane Lands” Collection of Poems Exploring Human Relationships to Place, and Relationships Between Written and Oral Culture of the Kuria People of Southeastern Kenya Barron
Gobel Amy GEO 2012 Daniel Sigman Analyzing Ionic and Isotopic Composition of Bermuda Rainwater and Aerosols Energy
Grannum Kristin EEB 2012 Andrea Graham Helminth Deworming and Malnutrition in Wild Mice ENV
Gruendel Kerry EEB 2012 James Gould Comparing Warm Temperate reefs in the Mediterranean and Coral Reefs in Bermuda: A Study of the Effect of Regional Ecology on Parrotfish Behavior ENV
Gu Jessie MOL 2012 Adel Mahmoud Epidemiology of Stillbirths in Ghana Health
Gupfinger Christina EEB 2012 Andrew Dobson Effect of Human Influence on the Formation of Primate Polyspecific Associations in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania National Park, Tanzania ENV
Harchut Kelly EEB 2012 Andrew Dobson The Reliability of Malaria Diagnostic Tests Health
Jahn Leif CHM 2012 Satish Myneni Investigating the rate and mechanism of iron oxidation in aqueous systems Energy
Jarry Lucile EEB 2012 Stephen W. Pacala Wood Density and Vessel Anatomy Across the Rainfall Gradient Energy
Khan Anupama CHM 2012 Steven Bernasek Surface Chemistry of Lithiumized Plasma-Facing Components in Fusion Reactors Energy
Kim Eric CHM 2012 Martin Semmelhack Synthesis of Quorum Sensing Molecule Analogues Health
Kirkwood Christina MAE 2012 Eric Larson Analysis of Water Demands for a Biomass and Coal Co-Gasification Plant Energy
Kreib Karen EEB 2012 Stephen W. Pacala Land Use, Reforestation and Soil Quality in Pedasi, Panama Energy
Kurz David EEB 2012 David Wilcove The Importance of Land-Use in Conservation: Comparing the Effects of Two Matrices on Leaf-Litter Herpetofauna in the Costa Rican Rain Forest ENV
LaRow Kathleen EEB 2012 Andrew Dobson To Identify Environmental Factors that have Inhibited Biomphalaria Populations from Establishing in Lake Tanganyika Health
Marshall Aarian REL 2012 Jeffrey Stout Coalfields and a Comparative Study of Faith-Based Political Organizing Barron
Maseray Kamara MOL 2012 Leon Rosenberg Sickle Cell Anemia and the Heterozygote Advantage: Comparison between Malarial and Non-malarial Areas Health
McNamara Tess ARC 2012 Spyridon Papapetros Arcology: Paolo Soleri and Arcosanti ENV
Mena Leo EEB 2012 Iain Couzin The Determination of how Live Fences Affect the Abundance and Diversity of Birds and Anthropods in Panamanian Farms ENV
Menasche Bridget EEB 2012 Laura Landweber Metagenomic Survey of PCB Metabolizing Bacteria in Contamined Sites in the Hudson River ENV
Moran Eileen EEB 2012 Bryan Grenfell The Within-Host Dynamics of Infection in Humans with Measles Virus Health
Munoz-Rodgers Rodrigo EEB 2012 Iain Couzin Collective Decision Making In Ant Colony Conflict ENV
Nachmany Ruth ANT 2012 Carol Greenhouse Anthropology of Water in the Maldives: Changing Meanings of Water in the Lowest Country on Earth ENV
Nason Sara GEO 2012 Satish Myneni Metal Accumulation in Plants when Exposed to Elevated Levels of Soil CO2 Energy
Perel David POL 2012 Rahul Sagar Why do Governments Manage Risk? ENV
Raja Urooj HIS 2012 Robert Finn “Water Wars” The Indus River and It’s Role in the Indo-Pak Conflict ENV
Rao Nisha EEB 2012 Andrea Graham Causes of Heterogeneity in Dengue Fever Risk Health
Reo Bianca EEB 2012 Daniel Rubenstein Zebra Migrations and Foraging Preferences Development
Sasso Alissa EEB 2012 James Gould Assessment of Seagrass Restoration Techniques: Implications for Regulating Anthropogenic Disturbance in Bermuda ENV
Schmitt Dana CHM 2012 Abigail Doyle Catalytic Fluorination ENV
Shonts Steven GEO 2012 David Medvigy Net Primary Productivity in Old-Growth Tropical Rainforests: Effects of Climate Change on carbon Sequestration Potential in a REDD Project near Manaus, Amazonas State, Brazil Energy
Steinberger Kevin MAE 2012 Eric Larson Design of a Gasification-Based Process for Co-Production of Biochar with Other Energy Products Energy
Strassfeld Daniel CHM 2012 Erik Sorensen Total Synthesis of Brasilamides A and B – Novel Sesquiterpenoids with Anti-HIV Activity Health
Sweeny Amy EEB 2012 Andrea Graham Immunopathology in Wild Mice: Inflammatory and Cytokine Response to Helminths Health
Treibergs Lija GEO 2012 Daniel Sigman Testing the N Isotopes of Marine Particles as a Tool to Study Nitrogen Sources to Phytoplankton in the Subtropical Ocean Energy
Vu Thinh ANT 2012 Lawrence Rosen Japanese Energy Conservation, a Nation-Building Exercise ENV
Weidenbach Mikia EEB 2012 Andrew Dobson Evaluation of Costa Rica’s Corcovado-Matapalo Biological Corridor and its Impact on Wildlife and Human Development ENV
Wesche Elizabeth ENG 2012 Simon Gikandi How the Rhetoric of Silent Springs Shaped Environmental Policy and the Modern Environmentalism Barron
Zheng Chenyu ECO 2012 Smita Brunnermeier Environmental Technology, CSR and Stock Market Performance in China and the U.S. Energy