Former Field Research Projects

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Adler Emily CHM 2016 Ando Nozomi Not Just Another Pretty [Crystal] Face: Using X-Ray Crystallography to Unlock the Mystery of TDA, an Antibiotic with Little Bacterial Resistance PEI
Altman-Kurosaki Noam EEB 2016 Stephen Pacala The Effect of Microherbivores and Wave Exposure on Algal Growth and Productivity PEI
Belev Anastas EEB 2016 Lars Hedin Pathways for Expansion and Detention of Vegetation between Fynbos and Afromontane Forest Ecosystems in the Cape Town Area PEI
Brugger Luke EEB 2016 Stephen Pacala Diversity of Birds in Managed Burn Areas, Forest Fire Areas, and Non-burned Areas at Identical Elevation Levels in Rocky Mountain National Park PEI
Colocci Thomas CHM 2016 Gregory Scholes Investigation of Solvation Dynamics on Light-Harvesting Proteins through Dynamic Stokes Shift PEI
Culver Benjamin EEB 2016 Stephen Pacala Analysis and Implications of the Shift from Coal to Natural Gas under the Proposed Clean Power Plan PEI
Diu Stephanie EEB 2016 Simon Levin The Effect of Metal Pollutants on Coral Reef Health and Implications for Hawaii’s Water Quality¬† Guidelines PEI
Falter Melody PSY 2016 Michael Oppenheimer and Sander van der Linden Cognitive Dissonance as a Persuasive Tool: Shaping Climate Change Beliefs and Pro-Environmental Behaviors PEI
Fluehr Kathryn HIS 2016 Vera Candiani Ranching in the West: Exploring the American Cattle Industry of the Twentieth Century PEI
Gow Alexander EEB 2016 David Wilcove Factors Predicting the Species Composition of Terrestrial Vertebrates  in a Tropical Dry Forest. PEI
Grabowski Kathryn CEE 2016 Robert Pringle Consequences of a Vegetation Shift Following the War-Driven Loss of Large Mammals in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique PEI
Grond Sarah EEB 2016 Andrew Dobson The Development of Varestrongylus eleguneniensis and its Development and Behavioral Responses to Changes in Temperature PEI
Haber Leora CHM 2016 Gregory Scholes Evolution of the Photosystem Complexes of Cryptophytes PEI
Kane-Ritsch Kelsey ANT 2016 Susan Ellison Ethnographic Study of Nickel Mining and Conservation Efforts in Kanak Communites in New Caledonia PEI
Lowy Rebecca GEO 2016 Satish Myneni Development of Nanoparticulate Fe-oxide Coatings on Calcite and their Application to Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water PEI
McGeary Ian EEB 2016 Robert Pringle Plant Defenses, Epigenetics and Communication in Presence of Herbivores PEI
Nyathi Sindiso EEB 2016 Stephen Pacala Impact Diadema Antillarum and Herbivorous Fish Populations on Coral Reef Health in the Caribbean PEI
Padukone Anchal EEB 2016 Andrew Dobson Effects of Microclimate and Microhabital Factors on the Abundance and Distribution of a Chagas Disease Vector – Rhodnius pallescens in Panama PEI
Patacsil Christopher EEB 2016 Peter Andolfatto The Effect of Secondary Metabolite Combinations on Parasite Load in Bumblebees PEI
Porter Sarah EEB 2016 Christina Riehl Life History and Foraging Ecology of the Crested Guan PEI
Raber Katherine EEB 2016 Andrew Dobson Determining and Modelling the Causative Factors of California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) Live Standings Along the Central California Coast from 2001-2010 PEI
Rambarran Jaclyn MAE 2016 Eric Larson Biomass Energy: Clean and Efficient Cook-stoves for use in rural Karnataka PEI
Smith Cheyenne EEB 2016 Daniel Rubenstein The Impact of Tusk Length on the Diet Selection of African Elephants PEI
Stonesifer Connor EEB 2016 Lars Hedin Phosphorus Utilization in Panamanian Tropical Forests PEI
Taubin Sol CEE 2016 Peter Jaffe Developing a Remediation and Sustainable Socio-environmental Management Plan for the Matanza Tributary of Rio de la Plata PEI
Treacy Sean CHM 2016 Paul Chirik Sustainable Catalyst Design for Stereoselective Hydrosilyation Reactions PEI
Wang Kerith EEB 2016 Corina Tarnita Methylation Capacity of Arsenic Contamination in Drinking Water and Development Delays of Children in Taiwan PEI
West Fiona GEO 2016 David Medvigy Examining the Herbivory Cost of N2 Fixation Across Gradients in Nutrients and Tropical Forest Succession PEI
Zhao Jennifer EEB 2016 Daniel Rubenstein Quantifying the Effects of Group Disturbances on the Resilience of Social Networks in Domestic Horses (Equus caballus) PEI
Wheatley Alexandra EEB 2016 Bryan Grenfell Respiratory Stncytial Virus PEI