Former Field Research Projects

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Aladesuru Tobi EEB 2017 Andrea Graham Diet Composition Effects on Host Immune System PEI
Anzai Isao MOL 2017 Buz Barstow Investigating the Genetic Basis of Extracellular Electron Transfer by Knockout Sudoku PEI
Awh Katherine EEB 2017 Bryan Grenfell Exploring the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Asthma and its Links with Viral Respiratory Infections PEI
Bedford Kendall EEB 2017 Dan Rubenstein Degraded and Conserved Landscapes: How These Differences Affect Giraffe Feeding Behavior and Social Structure PEI
Carcione Jonathan EEB 2017 Robert Pringle Non-Consumptive Effects of the Exotic Fish, Hemichromis Letourneuxi, on Native Pond Fish PEI
Carpenter Scott EEB 2017 Corina Tarnita Termite Colony Patterning in Relation to Infraspecific/Interspecific Competition PEI
Chang Amanda EEB 2017 David Wilcove The Effect of Agricultural Land Abandonment on Several the Abundance of Several Threatened Bird Species PEI
Cheung Yi Teing WWS 2017 Bryan Grenfell Spatial Variations in Hand Foot Mouth Disease Seasonality in China PEI
Chu An CHM 2017 Andrew Bocarsly Discovery of Functionalized Alkanethiols for Carbon Dioxide Reduction PEI
Conwell Allison EEB 2017 Christina Riehl Fire Suppression as an Environmental Factor Affecting Parental Investment in Aphelocoma coerulescens PEI
DeJesus Emely EEB 2017 Simon Levin The Potential Health Effects of Current Levels of Birth Control Hormone in the Water Supply PEI
Dooner Mackenzie EEB 2017 Lars Hedin Which Species of Symbiosis-Capable, N-Fixing Rhizobia are Found Free-Living in Tropical Soils, and Under What Soil Conditions? PEI
Eakes Alexandra EEB 2017 Andrew Dobson Distribution and Prevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi-Infected Triatomines in Two Caribbean Islands to Assess Local Risk of Chagas Disease PEI
Easterling Laurel EEB 2017 Daniel Rubenstein Assessing the Health of Grevy’s and Plains Zebras Based on Parasite Loads and Environment PEI
Goodman Benjamin ENG 2017 Mark Doty Poetry (Creative Thesis) PEI
Gray Christian CHM 2017 Lars Hedin Correlating Protein Sequencing Differences with Enzymatic Efficiency in Tropical Nitrogen Fixers PEI
Greenberg Norman CHM 2017 Todd Hyster Using Enzymes to Perform New Stereoselective Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Reactions PEI
Hamilton Justine EEB 2017 Andrea Graham Sin Nombre Virus and Nemotode Co-Infection in Peromyscus PEI
Herr Alexandria EEB 2017 Stephen Pacala Representation of Pasture Land Use Change in Global Climate Models PEI
Hylton Rohan EEB 2017 Bridgett vonHoldt Genetic Factors That Influence the Efficacy of Canine Distemper Vaccination in Channel Island Fox Population PEI
Jiang Christie CEE 2017 Elie Bou Zeid Urban Meteorological Network Redesign at Tsinghua University PEI
Jacobson Sylvia CEE 2017 Kelly Caylor Measuring Transpiration Rates through Isotope Analysis PEI
Jalloh Hulaimatu EEB 2017 Alexander Ploss Hepatitis E Host Tropism PEI
Kamen Emily ART 2017 Rachael DeLue The Center for Land Use Interpretation PEI
Li Lisa EEB 2017 Simon Levin Understanding and Predicting the Effects of Watering Holes on Disease Prevalence and Transmission PEI
Li Yun-Yun EEB 2017 Simon Levin Environmental Value Systems, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Climate Change Risk Mitigation Among Agricultural Communities in Xishuangbanna, China PEI
Lu Jessica CEE 2017 Mark Zondlo Quantifying Methane Emissions in the Marcellus Shale PEI
Makarewicz Nathan EEB 2017 David Wilcove The pollination of Pseudopanax areboreus by invasive Ratus ratus PEI
Mehl Justin CBE 2017 Jose Avalos Improving biofuel sustainability by time-controlled metabolic engineering methods PEI
Mulligan Kathleen EEB 2017 Andrew Dobson Effect of temperature and local variation in mosquito vectors on the transmissibility of Dengue fever in Machala, Ecuador PEI
Nguyen Frank CBE 2017 Eric Larson Cost-Effective Biochemical Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Liquid Fuels PEI
O’Connell Ryan EEB 2017 Corina Tarnita The Impact of Climbing Plants on the Fitness of Trees in the Absence of Large Herbivores PEI
Odabas Arman CHM 2017 Mohamed Abou Donia A Type II Polyketide Biosynthetic Gene Cluster in Blautia wexlerae: Novel Natural Product and Potentially Valuable Pharmaceutical PEI
Priddy Hannah EEB 2017 Andrea Graham Effects of Resource Availability and Parasite Interactions on Host Immune Responses PEI
Quetell Alexander ART 2017 Fia Backström Movement and Community Environmental Practices PEI
Rossettie Stephan EEB 2017 Stephan Pacala Effects of Pine Beetle Epidemic on Water Quality in Boulder County, Colorado PEI
Santi Lauren GEO 2017 John Higgins A Ca isotope analysis of shark teeth to determine past seawater chemistry PEI
Seng Monica EEB 2017 Daniel Rubenstein Ecological Impacts on the Social Networks of the Grevys Zebra (Equus grevyis) and Plains Zebra (Equus quagga) PEI
Sims Zoe EEB 2017 Stephan Pacala Nutrient-Enriched Groundwater Discharge on Bermuda’s Near-Shore Coral Reefs: Ecological Impacts and Implications Becky Colvin Memorial Award
Sixto Brandon EEB 2017 Lars Hedin Endophyte Community Assemblage in the Coastal Redwood Forest PEI
Sorkin Benjamin MAE 2017 Daniel Steingart Design of a Modular 10kWh Lithium Battery Pack for Aqueous Environments PEI
Stephenson Adriana EEB 2017 Andrew Dobson Dilution Effect and Chagas Disease In Central America PEI
Su Sophia WWS 2017 David Wilcove Comparative Analysis of Industrial Development Value and Ecosystem Services Value of Coastal Wetlands PEI
Suriano Jana GEO 2017 Tullis Onstott Survival and metabolism of Methanosarcina soligelidi under simulate subsurface conditions on Mars PEI
Tang Lucy MAE 2017 Eric Larson Micro-Hydroelectric Generator for Inidigenous Rural Community in Guyana PEI
Trase Olivia EEB 2017 Kelly Caylor Plant Communication in Agriculture PEI
Tsue Ashley CHM 2017 Gregory Scholes Computational Exploration of Molecules that Undergo Photoinduced Processes PEI
Uzosike Onyemaechi EEB 2017 Robert Pringle Conditioned taste aversion of Northern Quoll to avoid Cane Toad PEI
Yang Hannah CHM 2017 Craig Arnold Sustainable Desalination PEI
Yao Vivian GEO 2017 Daniel Sigman Stable Isotopic Signatures in Symbiotic Bermudian Corals: A study of nutrient and light variability on d15N and d13C in adult and juvenile Porites astreoides PEI
Zakrzewski Bridget CEE 2017 Claire White A Greener Concrete Jungle: Mechanical Strength Analysis of Zirconium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes in Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) Concrete Design PEI