Former Field Research Projects

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Abbott Collette EEB 2010 Daniel Rubenstein Assessing the Impact of Diarrheal Diseases in Ghana Hayes
Bigelow Elaine EEB 2010 Daniel Rubenstein Grazing Patterns of Zebras and Cattle in Kenya Hayes
Bradshaw Jonathan CEE 2010 Elie Bou-Zeid Cost-Effectiveness of Weatherization in Low-income Urban Housing Energy
Brasg Ian CHM 2010 Biofuel Production by Type-Strain ATCC 824 of Clostridium Acetobutylicum Energy
Buch Nathan MAE 2010 Luigi Martinelli Design and Construction of a Solar Powered Aircraft Hayes
Butler Rebecca EEB 2010 Simon Levin Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in a Student Population Hayes
Car Martina ANT 2010 Alan Eugene Mann A Case Study of the Challenges to Sustainable Development in Alpine Agro-Pastoral Systems Hayes
Chambliss Sarah EEB 2010 David Wilcove Land Degradation & Plant Community Change: Examining the Case of /Sansevieria volkensii/, a Native Plant Spreading in Kenya Hayes
Garbuzov Dmitri COS 2010 Matthew Salganik Aerosol Plumes Energy
Hegermiller David MAE 2010 Luigi Martinelli Design and Construction of a Solar Powered Aircraft Hayes
Hsu Jessica CEE 2010 Kelly Caylor GreenArch: Designs for a Green Roof on Princeton University’s School of Architecture building ENV Sustainability Grant
Kergosien Laura WWS 2010 Adel Mahmoud Parameters of Success of Horizontal Healthcare Systems in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases Health
McNulty Meghan MAE 2010 Peter Jaffe The Beacon Solar Energy Project for Sierra Leone Energy
Metzel Ruth EEB 2010 Stephen W. Pacala From “Finca” to Forest: Forest Cover Change and Land Management in Los Santos, Panama Hayes
Miller Lauren CHM 2010 Satish Myneni CHM of Natural Organochlorines Produced by Lichens, Fungi, and Mosses in Pine Forests Hayes
Ng Stephanie WWS 2010 Adel Mahmoud Bridging the R&D Gap for Diseases of the Developing World Health
O’Neill Trevor MAE 2010 Luigi Martinelli Design and Construction of a Solar Powered Aircraft Hayes
Pasenello Marci POL 2010 Evan Lieberman Interest Inclusion and its Effects on Public Policymaking: A Comparative
Analysis of Dietary Recommendations in Advanced Industrialized Countries
Pecora-Saipe Morgan EEB 2010 Stephen W. Pacala The Fishery-Mangrove Link: The Interaction of the Marine and
Terrestrial Ecosystems
Tarjan Lily EEB 2010 Stephen W. Pacala Mechanisms of Photo Acclimation by Marginal Coral Reef Species Under Depth Versus Sedimentation Pressures Hayes
Vellone Joseph WWS 2010 Xenia Morin Planting the Seeds for an African Green Revolution: The Millennium Villages Project and Input Subsidy Program in Malawi Hayes