Former Field Research Projects

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Theme
Budnick Andrew GEO 2013 David Medvigy The effects of “limiting resources” on global and tropical coupled climate models Energy
Burton Nicholas GEO 2013 Tullis Onstott Methane Oxidation Rates in Thawing Layers of Permafrost at Varying Depths and Temperatures Energy
Castro Lauren EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson The effects of climate and community biodiversity on the population dynamics of the reservoir species of Hantavirus Shenk
Chen Christine GEO 2013 Adam Maloof A viscoelastic deformation model and time-calibrated lake history from paleoshorelines of Lake Bonneville: Implications for late Pleistocene glacial retreat in the Western U.S. Energy
Chen Jeffery MOL 2013 Adel Mahmoud Rotavirus Vaccine in Ghana: Post-Introduction Surveillance of Disease Burden & Strain Types Shenk
Choi Joseph CHM 2013 Michael Kelly All Organic Redox Flow Battery Energy
Culbertson Colleen ANT 2013 Carolyn Rouse Perceptions of clinical tiral of RTS,S malaria vaccine in Ifakara, Tanzania Shenk
de Sa Andrea WWS 2013 Frank von Hippel The Politics of Brazil’s Nuclear Enrichment Program Energy
Dong Tiffany EEB 2013 Bryan Grenfell Analyzing Vaccination Coverage in Urban and Rural India Shenk
Foulon Ben CHM 2013 Craig Arnold Metal Organic Frameworks and their various applications Energy
Fuchs Steven EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson Predation on sea turtles Hayes
Gostic Katelyn EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson Do domestic carnivores surrounding the Corcovado-Matapalo Biological Corridor serve as a disease reservoir for wild carnivores on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula? Shenk
Guinez Claire EEB 2013 Robert Pringle The Effects of the Presence or Absence of Large Ungulates on Small Mammal Activity and Home-Range Size Development
Hammel Heather FIT 2013 Andre Benhaim The Effects of Geographical and Cultural Identities on Agricultural Product Quality and Livestock Treatment Hayes
Hariri Alexandra EEB 2013 Bryan Grenfell Spread of Enterovirus 71 in Sarawak, Malaysia Shenk
Hewitt Abigail EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson Land Use Transformation in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula: A Proposed Model for Balancing Ecological and Economic Integrity through the Corcovado-Matapalo Biological Corridor Hayes
Hsia Katherine CHM 2013 John Groves Environmentally Sustainable Water Purification using Porphyrin Catalysis Shenk
Hsiao Florence MOL 2013 Winston Soboyejo Designing and implementing ceramic water filters for developing communities Shenk
Huang Dora EEB 2013 Bryan Grenfell Spread ofTyphoid in Fiji Shenk
Huang Jake CHM 2013 Michael Kelly Organic Redox Flow Cell Energy
Jo Caroline WWS 2013 Denise Mauzerall Encouraging Environmentalism as a Foreign Policy Tool in China Hayes
Jospitre Elodie EEB 2013 Claire Standley Helminths (hookworm) Transmission to Humans from the soil and baboons Shenk
Kamal Salmaan MOL 2013 Thomas Shenk Malaria Treatment Protocol in Sierra Leone Shenk
Kanno Cynthia GEO 2013 Satish Myneni Growth kinetics and fluoride sorption of apatite on calcite surfaces Hayes
Karagounis Theodora CHM 2013 Martin Semmelhack Design of CAI-1 analogues for modulation of V. cholerae quorum sensing Shenk
Karande Megan EEB 2013 Daniel Rubenstein Do native African herbivores limit the abundance of the invasive ant, Pheidole megacephala, via their effects on a native ant-acacia mutualism? Development
Kim Esther EEB 2013 Simon Levin Chagas Disease Shenk
Li Lucy MOL 2013 Thomas Shenk Efficacy of the Hepatitis B Vaccination Program in Rural China Shenk
Liu Elizabeth EEB 2013 Adel Mahmoud Human Pappillomavirus Vaccine Implementation in Vietnam Shenk
Loughran Rory MAE 2013 Luigi Martinelli The Feasibility of solar Powered, Eternal flight in Small Scale Aircraft Energy
Miller Dana EEB 2013 Lars Hedin Tropical Forest Ecology Dodge
Owusu-Akyaw Amma EEB 2013 Daniel Rubenstein Nutritional Niche of Przewalski Horses and Asiatic Wild Asses Dodge
Pickering Beau EEB 2013 Lars Hedin The effect of water pollution on the environment and ecosystem health Hayes
Rizzo Gabriella EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson The effects of different agricultural methods on habitat resiliency of plant-based agriculture lands as indicated by primary producer biodiversity in agricultural buffer zones Hayes
Robbins Heidi EEB 2013 Andrea Graham Elephant Herpesviruses Dodge
Rudnick Lydia GEO 2013 Jorge Sarmiento Fisheries in Greece, How will they change with a changing climate? Hayes
Shoenfelt Elizabeth GEO 2013 Satish Mynemi Mercury Complexation on Bacterial Cell Surfaces: The Temperature, Contaminant Concentration, and Redox Effects on Reactive Thiol Concentration Scudder
Siller Stefanie ANT 2013 Alan Mann Wildlife Conservation in East Africa Development
Smith Erika CHM 2013 Satish Myneni Maya Pottery: Soil Composition and Climate Change Hayes
Tembo Teguru EEB 2013 Claire Standley Epidemiological Outcomes of Community Focused Interventions in a Poor Area Shenk
Thean Tara EEB 2013 James Gould Signature Whistle Copying in Captive and Free-Ranging Bottlenose Dolphins: Social Contexts and Sex Diffrences Hayes
Wilkinson Shane EEB 2013 Stephen Pacala Observing the ecological impact of reduced snow water from snow packs in the Upper Colorado River Basin Energy
Wuttig Anna CHM 2013 Andrew Bocarsly Novel Metal Oxide-Based Electrodes for Photochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction Energy
Zhang Alicia EEB 2013 Bryan Grenfell Vaccination logistics and disease dynamics in India Shenk