Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Anderson Steven WWS 2007 Harold Feiveson Plugging the Smokestacks: Public Policy Incentives for Carbon Capture and Sequestration from Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Anonymous
Aramburu Jason EEBy 2007 Stephen W. Pacala A Potential Atta-Ficus Mutualism Dodge
Arbuthnot Margaret ANT 2007 James Boon Bordering on Extinction: The Mahout-Elephant Relationship in Modern Thailand Stroh
Burgess Edward CHM 2007 Michael Leslie Bender Investigating the Buildup of the Greenland Ice Sheet from the Chemical Composition of Trapped Gasses in GISP2 Silty Ice Anonymous
Duane Michael EEB 2007 David Wilcove Life in the Burrow: The Gopher Tortoise as a Keystone Species Dodge
Koehler Larrissa EEB 2007 Rachael Winfree Patterns of Bee Visitation and Preference in Old Fields Hayes
Kruse Caroline EEB 2007 Andrew Dobson The Effect of Increased Carbon Dioxide and Temperature on Skeletal Development of Favia Fragum Hayes
Lough Lindsay EEB 2007 Stephen W. Pacala Ecological Perspectives on the Microbial Community Structure of Shipwrecks: Evidence for a Temporal Succession Dodge
Mostovoy Yulia EEB 2007 Laura Landweber A Phylogenetic Analysis of Cyanobacteria Hayes
Ruch Kirsten EEB 2007 Daniel Rubenstein Factors Contributing to the Dominance Hierarchy of a Captive African Elephant Hayes
Ruskey Jennifer EEB 2007 Daniel Rubenstein Hybrid Grevy’s-Plains Zebras on Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya: A Genetic and Behavioral Study Hayes
Schaitkin Alexis COM 2007 Chang-rae Lee Warp and Weft Stories Anonymous
Smith David EEB 2007 Tullis Onstott Survivability of Psychrobacter cryohalolentis K5 Under
Simulated Martian Surface Conditions
Wilson Tiffany CEE 2007 Eric Wood The Effects of Climate Change on the New York City Water Supply Stroh
Zuckerman Ellen GEO 2007 Daniel Sigman Carbonate Associated Nitrate Analysis Anonymous