Former Field Research Project

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Carrillo Selena EEB 2008 Henry Horn Amphibian Decline: Demystifying a Global Phenomenon Hayes
Crumpton Nathan SOC 2008 Elizabeth
Dissonant Realities: Behind the Veil of AIDS in Tanzania Colvin
Dash Lilli EEB 2008 James Gould Looking for Mr. Goodfish: The Evolution and Role of Female Preferences in Limia perugiae Dodge
Epstein Katherine EEB 2008 Jeanne Altmann Patterns of Testosterone in Peripartum Female Baboons (Papio cynocephalus) : Season, Aggression, and Reproductive State Dodge
Feldstein Stephanie EEB 2008 Michaela Hau Seasonal Variation in Sickness Behaviors of Song Sparrows Dodge
Geller Nathan EEB 2008 Lars Hedin Characterizing the Effect of Land-Use on the Nitrogen Cycle in Northwestern Costa Rica: A Novel Evaluation of Human Disturbance in the Tropics Hayes
Krach Monica EEB 2008 Alan Mann The Evolution of Human Female Sexuality: The Physiological and Behavioral Changes that Altered the Mating Game Hayes
Liu Jessica EAS 2008 David Leheny Against the Current: Opposition Voices in China’s Drive for Hydropower Hayes
Maguire Sarah EEB 2008 Michaela Hau Morphological, Genetic, and Physiological Predictors of Parental Care in the North American Barn Swallow Hayes
Milligan Bradley EEB 2008 Daniel Rubenstein Conservation on a Group Ranch in Kenya: The Impact on Wildlife
and Vegetation
Mirabal Andria EEB 2008 Daniel Rubenstein Landscape Changes: The Differential Effects of Livestock and Wildlife on the Savanna Grasslands of East Africa Hayes
Rossi Suzanne EEB 2008 Jeanne Altmann Sex Hormones and Paternal Behaviors: Differences Between Fathers and Other Male Caretakers in Yellow Baboons Dodge
Shapleigh Zoe EEB 2008 Lars Hedin Lead and Other Heavy Metal Contamination and Activity in the Rio Grande Ecosystem: Consequences of Smelting and Other Human Activities Hayes
Tehranian Kayvon WWS 2008 Robert Finn The Political Economy of Natural Gas Cartelization: Will the GECF Evolve into a Natural Gas Version of OPEC? Energy
Wagner Jonah WWS 2008 David Wilcove Water-Pricing Reform and Water Service Sustainability: Case Studies of Hyderabad and Johannesburg Colvin
Willis Alexander CHM 2008 Satish Myneni Bioaccumulation and Speciation of Lead from Lead-Based Paint Contaminated Soils in Vegetable Plants Hayes
Winston Max EEB 2008 Henry Horn The Effect of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Attine Foraging Hayes