Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Adams Sarah CEE 2013 George Scherer The Optimization and Analysis of Plasma-Assisted Combustion from a Technical and Economic Perspective
Barron Ben COM 2013 Sandra Bermann and Robert Sandberg A Theatrical Adaptation in English and French of the Novel “Silsie” by Marie Redonnet
Birky Christian POL 2013 Ezra Suleiman American Prison Reform: Does Nordic Exceptionalism hold the Answer?
Bleakney Lauren WWS 2013 Barbara Bodine Against the Current: Egyptian Water Policy for a New Domestic and International Context
Burton Nicholas GEO 2013 Tullis Onstott Temperature-Dependent Methanotrophy in High Arctic Permafrost: Implications for Global Warming
Businelli Nicole CBE 2013 Sankaran Sundaresan and Eric Larson Exploring the Integration of Concentrated Solar Power and Multi-effect Distillation for Combined Power Production and Desalination in the Southwest US
Callahan Peter HIS 2013 David Bell Air Commodore Charles Rumney Samson: An Investigation of a British Officer’s Impact on Military Technology and National Sentiment in World War I
Downey Meagan POL 2013 Martin Gilens The Institutional Roots of Natural Resource Decision-Making: American Indian Tribal Governance and Hazardous Waste Storage
Eberhart Ashley POL 2013 Evan Lieberman A Declaration of Dissent: Political Interests, Entrepreneurship Policy, and Innovation in Emerging Markets, 2005-2012
Eyster Theodore CEE 2013 James Smith and Eileen Zerba Stream Restoration on the Princeton University Campus: Hydrologic and Riperian Habitat Impacts on Washington Road Stream
Ford Annabelle ENG 2013 Jeff Nunokawa Collecting in Henry James: Perfecting an Imperfect World
Francis Emily EEB 2013 Simon Levin Carbon Stock and Sequestration of Protected Redwood Forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Fuchs Steven EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson Trends in Sea Turtle Nest Predation on the Osa Penninsula, Costa Rica between 2011-2012: Recommendations for Structuring Conservation Initiatives that offer Preventative Solutions
Glatter Zachary POL 2013 Ezra Suleiman Realism and the Environment: Degradation and Regulation in the International System
Gocke Alison HIS 2013 Hendrik Hartog Mapping the Old Northwest
Goldstein Galit ANT 2013 Carol Greenhouse The Crisis Ministry: An Ethnographic Approach
Gostic Katelyn EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson Macroparasites of Domestic Dogs and Wild Cats on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula: How Do Spatial Heterogeneity and Host Movemnet Influence IInfection Dynamics?
Graham Kieryn EEB 2013 James Gould Do Trade-offs Between Pre – and Post-copulatory Investment Occur in Guppies, Poecilia reticulata, when Resources are Limiting and Pre-copulatory Investment is High?
Hewitt Abigail EEB 2013 Andrew Dobson Land Use Dynamics on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula: A Model of Balancing Ecological, Economic and Social Integrity
Hlavaty Sabina EEB 2013 Asif Ghazanfar Dissociation of Mouth and Head Movements During Marmoset Monkey Fetal Development
Jang Anna EEB 2013 Dan Rubenstein Movement Patterns of Feral Goats in Pohakuloa Training Area, Hawai’i
Jo Caroline WWS 2013 Denise Mauzerall Leveraging Private Interests for the Public Good: Foreign Actors and Non-Institutionalized Citizen Activism in China’s Environmental Governance
Johnson Colin ENG 2013 Sophie Gee Emerson, Carson & Gore: Models of Effective Environmental Communications
Kanno Cynthia GEO 2013 Satish Myneni A Novel Apatite-Based Sorbent for Defluoridation: Synthesis and Sorption Characteristics of Nano-Micro Crystalline Apatite on Limestone
Katz Alexander WWS 2013 Harold Feiveson Exporting the Shale Revolution to the Middle Kingdon: A Strategic Role for Shale Gas Cooperation in the Sino-American Relationship
Kolaski Alexandra ENG 2013 Jeff Dolven “Rich and Sad Joyous and Beautiful” Resonant Female Voice and Structures of Sound
Leung Yin Chung EEB 2013 David Wilcove Habitat Requirements of Dragonflies (Anisoptera) in the Urban Matrix of Hong Kong, China
Li Lucy MOL 2013 Thomas Shenk Hepatitis B Vaccination and Education in Jiangsu Province, China
Liao Kristie WWS 2013 Marta Tienda The Princeton University Preparatory Program
Liu Ingrid ECO 2013 Smita Brunnermeier FDI and the Environment: Examining the Pollution Haven Effect in China
Mathabane Nathan GEO 2013 David Medvigy The Sensitivity of Western US Forest Carbon Budgets to Topography, Climatem and Management Decisions
Miller Dana EEB 2013 Lars Hedin Nutrient Limitations and Environmental Constraints on Cyanobacteria in a Tropical Rainforest
Munoz Rodgers Rodrigo EEB 2013 Iain Couzin A Model for Distributed Decision Making in the Intercolonial Conflicts of Tetramorium caespitum
Pearlman Michael FIT 2013 Marie-Helene Huet Finding Captain Nemo: Exploring the depth of Character in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Pickering Beau EEB 2013 Lars Hedin Marine Sediment Copper Toxicity to Phytoplankton Communities in Castle Harbour, Bermuda
Rudnick Lydia GEO 2013 Jorge Sarmiento Predicting Potential Geographic Distribution of Siganus luridus and Siganus rivulatus, Two Invasive Fish Species in the Mediterranean Sea
Sajewski Elizabeth CEE 2013 Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe and Bryan Grenfell Typhoid Past and Present: Rain-Driven Seasonality and the Influence of Municipal Water Systems on Disease Dynamics
Shoenfelt Elizabeth GEO 2013 Satish Myneni Nature of Reactive Thiols on Bacterial Cell Envelopes and their Reactivity with Aqueous Hg
Sulat Nathaniel HIS 2013 Martha Sandweiss Cooperation by Fiat: a History of Oregon Land Use Planning
Taaffe Alexander POL 2013 Carles Boix The Nature of Hydropolitics: A Critical Examination of Transboundary Water Conflict and Cooperation
Tong Lingbo ECO 2013 Greg Kaplan Learning to be Happy: Education Enhances Happiness through Non-Precuniary Meditating Factors
Trost Emily GEO 2013 Gerta Keller High-Stress Conditions in early Paleocene Benthic Foraminifera: Evidence from NW Atlantic ODP Site 1050C
Tyack Sophia CLA 2013 Yelena Baraz Rome’s Permanent Theaters: Staging the Transition from Republic to Empire
Warrington Jason POL 2013 R. Douglas Arnold A Comparative Analysis of Renewable Energy Policy in the 50 States
Wooster Audrey PSY 2013 Stacey Sinclair Meeting Threats and Darkness in Slow Motion: The Effect of Racial Attitudes and Environmental Threat on Interracial Motion Perception
Yamusah Amina POL 2013 Ali Valenzuela Empower Protection: The Voting Behavior of Latina and Black Women in Presidential Elections