Last Name First Name Major Adviser Title
Anisfeld Tali ANT Rena Lederman Redefining our Relationship to Green Spaces in the Time of Covid-19
Castaneda Sierra CEE Mark Zondlo The “Number Two” Threat to Climate Change: Implications of Methane Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants
Cavoli Alexander GEO Gabriel Vecchi Seed Theory and ENSO Variability: Re-Evaluating the Distribution of Tropical Cyclogenesis
Chong Christie SPIA Jin Sato Un-Settling Culture: Indigenizing Development Schemes for Malaysia’s Orang Asli
Cohen-Shields Naomi CEE Denise Mauzerall Mapping Air Pollution Across China: An Analysis of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Surface Ozone Pollution (2014 -2019) with Correlating Provincial Socioeconomic Levels (2018)
Copeland Charles GEO Amilcare Porporato Coupled Soil Moisture and Plant Water Storage Dynamics
Davis Audrey SPIA Sarah Staszak Women at the Forefront: A Gendered Analysis of Women-Led Environmental Activism
Dietrich Madeleine EEB Andy Dobson Modeling Phocine Distemper Virus Dynamics in the North Sea:
A Two-Host Application of the SCIR Model
Falconer Kristie EEB Mary Stoddard Butterfly Diversity, Conservation, and Flight Stratification in Krka National Park, Croatia
Garcia Joaquin ANT Laurence Ralph Ecological Haunting and Overdetermination in an ‘End Time’: An (Auto) Ethnography
Gottdiener Alexander ENG Rob Nixon Blackbirds Singing in the Dead of Night
Gray Barrett EEB Cassie Stoddard Sensitivities of Avian Feeding Guilds to Forest Edges and Habitat Structure in the Mahamavo Region, Madagascar
Grayson Natalie EEB Dan Rubenstein Understanding the Relationship Between Coral and Sea Cucumbers
Jankovic Thomas GER Ann Marie Rasmussen Prefigurative Politics and the West German Green Movement from 1968 to 1985
Kuczynski Lange Suzanne EEB Andrea Graham Gastrointestinal parasite community structure in Procyon lotor: relationships to demographic variables, host condition, and immune response
Lehmann Rafi HIS Alison Isenberg Urban Engravings: Space, Place, and Catastrophe in Twentieth-Century Jewish Vilna
Odigie Florence CBE Michele Sarazen Characterizing the combined effects of mesoporosity and crystal size on conversion, product selectivity and deactivation rates on hierarchical BEA zeolite
Schmidt Peter SPO Daphne Legnani, Nicole; Kalotay A Mountain There
Scott-Young Ellen ANT Jeffrey Himpele The Efficacy of the Princeton Education on Dying Earth
Shaw Jenna SPIA Jennifer Jennings Testing the Waters: A Case Study of the Relationship Between Risk Perception and Water Consumption Habits in Trenton, NJ
Stankovikj Bozhidar SPIA Dean Knox “Show Me Who Your Friends Are”: Constructing a Social Network Using Mobile Location Data
Teece Adam HIS Yair Mintzker The Alps, Mountaineering and Society in Germany and Austria, 1914-1945
Tjondro Daniel CEE Sigrid Adriaenssens The Development of an Impact-Oriented and Project-Independent Brownfield Assessment Tool
Weissenbach Ben ENG Rob Nixon On the Frontier of Climate Change: Science and Adventure in Alaska