Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Ainslie Adam ARC 2017 Lucia Allais Giving Architecture
Amoakuh Konadu WWS 2017 Jennifer Widner Barking up the Wrong Tree? Challenges to Implementing a Timber Legality Verification System in Ghana
Andres Aubree ANT 2017 Elizabeth Davis & thunk: An Exploration of Chaos and Control Through Installation
Bennett Pilar EEB 2017 David Wilcove An Evaluation of a Mitigation Proposal for the Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers (Picoides borealis) of Cainhoy Plantation, South Carolina
Chang Amanda EEB 2017 David Wilcove The Impact of Selective Logging on Bird Biodiversity
Choe Jason ECO 2017 Swati Bhatt A Predictive Model for Wilderness Designation Legislation Success
Colaizzo Derek HIS 2017 Keith Wailoo Capsicum: From Spice to Medicine and Back
Conwell Allison EEB 2017 Christina Riehl Fire and the Florida Scrub-Jay: An Investigation of Fire Suppression’s Effect on Provisioning Inequality in Aphelocoma coerulescens
Egan Claire ECO 2017 Christopher Boehm The Effectiveness of U.S. State-Level Renewable Portfolio Standards in Promoting Renewable Capacity Development
Farrell Susan ANT 2017 Lauren Coyle Women in the Wild: Changing the Story We Tell Ourselves
Gray Christian CHM 2017 Lars Hedin Lock-and-Key Model Incompatible with Tropical Panamanian Legumes
Hiltner Sofia PSY 2017 Elke Weber Visions of the Future: Parenthood and Perceptions of Climate Change
Kamen Emily ART 2017 Rachael DeLue Finding Ground: Exploring the American Terrain of the Center for Land Use Interpretation
Lathrop William REL 2017 Jonathan Gold Home and Wilderness: John Daido Loori’s Visions of Zen in the Catskill Mountains of New York
Mehl Justin CBE 2017 José Avalos Applications of Protein-Level Regulation and Optogenetics in Metabolic Engineering of S. cerevisiae
Miller Emily ARC 2017 Forrest Meggers Green Diamonds: Designing Sustainability Under a Network of Pressures
O’Connell Ryan EEB 2017 Corina Tarnita Cascading Effects of Large Herbivore Loss on Liana-Tree Dynamics in an African Savanna
Osaka Shannon IND 2017 Emmanuel Kreike Modeling the Anthropocene: Determinism and Nature/Culture Division in a Climate-Changed World
Pak Peter ARC 2017 Stan Allen MAPPING – MAPPING
Quetell Alexander ART 2017 Bridget Alsdorf Excess
Sims Zoe EEB 2017 Stephen Pacala Where the Groundwater Meets the Sea: Ecological Impacts of Nutrient-Enriched Groundwater Discharge on Bermuda’s Near-Shore Coral Reefs
Spitzer Jenna PHI 2017 Mark Johnston From the Nature of Existence to Persistence through Time: A Structuralist Approach to Understanding Identity through Causal Relationships
Sung Janice ART 2017 Rachael DeLue Place, Performance, and Possibility: Interconnectivity in William Sidney Mount’s “The Power of Music”
Suriano Jana GEO 2017 Tullis Onstott Survival and Metabolism of Methanosarcina soligelidi Under Simulated Martian Subsurface Conditions
Trase Olivia EEB 2017 Stephen Pacala Intraspecifi c Competition Mediated by Mycorrhizal Fungi Alters Photosynthetic Response to Herbivory in Soybean
Tynes Andrew ECO 2017 Atif Mian Commodity Price Shocks and Credit Supply in Resource-Dependent Economies
Usinger Brett WWS 2017 Christopher Chyba Beyond the Pale Blue Dot: Sustainability in Space Resource Policy
Walter Samantha CBE 2017 Yannis Kevrekidis Visualizing the Dynamics of the Electricity Grid through Diffusion Maps
Yang Hannah CHM 2017 Craig Arnold Desalination via Flow-Electrode Capacitive Deionization
Yao Vivian GEO 2017 Daniel Sigman Stable Isotopic Signatures in Symbiotic Bermudian Corals: A Study of Nutrient and Light Variability on δ15N in Porites astreoides at Bermuda
Zou Joy ORF 2017 Mengdi Wang The Israeli Kibbutz: A Simulation and Analysis on the Optimality of Privatization Versus Degrees of Central Planning