Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Andersen Kathryn FRE/ITA 2008 Pietro Frassica Il Gusto del Piacere e della Salute: Italian Gastronomy in Platinas De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine and in Carlo Petrinis Slow Food Movement
Arigoni John EEB 2008 Stephen W. Pacala Rooted Resources: A Theoretical Examination of Loblolly Pine Biomass Usage
Blackburn James POL 2008 Christopher Achen The POL of Land-Use Management in the New Jersey Pinelands
Cecil-Cockwell Daphne Tess CEE 2008 Nadine McQuarrie Deformation, Sedimentation and Uplift HIS of the Eastern Cordillera of Bolivia
Crumpton Nathan SOC 2008 Elizabeth Armstrong Dissonant Realities: Behind the Veil of AIDS in Tanzania
Franco Eugene GEO 2008 Catherine Peters Glass-to-Grid: A Study of the Carbon Intensity and Emissions Avoidance of Suburban Photovoltaic Electric Power Generation in the New York Metro Area
Geller Nathan EEB 2008 Lars Hedin Characterizing the Effect of Land-Use on the Nitrogen Cycle in Northwestern Costa Rica: A Novel Evaluation of Human Disturbance in the Tropics
Goldberg Charles POL 2008 James L. Gould Beyond the Collectivist Ideal: A Study of the Political Theory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Light of Contemporary Economic and Social Evolution
Holt Jana POL 2008 Harold Feiveson The POL of Emissions Trading in the United States: Lessons from the European Union
Jamieson Molly WWS 2008 Karen McGuinness Taking Credit: Using Poverty Scorecards to Secure the Future of Microfinance
Kayatta Elizabeth POL 2008 Markus Prior God Is Green: Exploring the Environmental Movement Within the Religious Right of the Republican Party
Kelley Lisa EEB 2008 Dan I. Rubenstein Wildlife and Livestock Distribution Patterns at Ephemeral and Perennial Water Sources on a Communal Group Ranch, Laikipia District, Kenya
Kuczmarski James WWS 2008 Michael Oppenheimer Climate Change Skepticism: A Look at Presidential Documents and the Prestige Press
Milligan Bradley EEB 2008 Dan I. Rubenstein Conservation on a Group Ranch in Kenya: The Impact on Wildlife and Vegetation
Moore Scott WWS 2008 Stanley Katz A Better Image of Ourselves: National Service as Public Policy in the Twenty-First Century
Moxley Jerry EEB 2008 Martin Wikelski Searching for Moving Targets: How to Find Army Ants in a Rainforest
Offit Anna ANT 2008 Carol Greenhouse Imagism Re-Imagined: An Ethnographic Approach to Ezra Pound’s Modernist “Invention”
Qasim Maha CEE 2008 Eric Wood Drinking Water from the Sea: Can It Be Made Sustainable?
Rothschild Rachel HIS 2008 Angela Creager The Light of Genius: James Croll’s Theory on Climate
Spivey John ECO 2008 Andriy Norets Effectiveness of Third-Party Environmental Management System Certification in the U.S. South’s Pulp and Paper Industry
Wagner Jonah WWS 2008 David Wilcove Water-Pricing Reform and Water Service Sustainability: Case Studies of Hyderabad and Johannesburg
Winston Max EEB 2008 Henry Horn The Effect of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Attine Foraging