Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Badaracco Christine EEB 2012 Stephen Pacala Cattle Grazing and Biofuels in Kenya: Applying the Food vs. Fuel Debate To a Developing Country
Boddie Alissa EEB 2012 Lars Hedin The Carnivorous Fish Farming Dilemma: A Comparison of Raising Tilapia and Barramundi in Aquaponic Systems
Case Madelon EEB 2012 Simon Levin Gopher Disturbance and Plant Community Dynamics in Montane Meadows
Cevallos Aaron EEB 2012 James Gould The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Calcification: Comparing the Buoyant Weight and Alkalinity Anomaly Measurement Techniques
Charbonneau Ian PHI 2012 Sara McGrath & Daniel Cloud Concerning Intrinsic Value and Biodiversity: An Examination
Che Erica ECO 2012 Smita Brunnermeier Sustainability Sentiments: Evidence from Constituent Changes to the FTSE4Good
Chetty Vijay ECO 2012 Yuliy Sannikov How Yesterday’s Merchants of Venice Led to Today’s Margins and Volatility: An Intermediation-based Comparative Approach to the Leverage Cycle
Chiu Justine EEB 2012 Dan Rubenstein Resource Use, Time Budgeting, and Social Behavior of Reintroduced Przewalski’s Horses in Kalamaili Nature Reserve, China
Chung YunSuk WWS 2012 Kim Lane Scheppele Recycling Hazard: International Regulation on Electronic Waste
Cohen-Shohet Leah ECO 2012 Tom Vogl The Price Device: The Transformative Impact of Moble Telephony on Agricultural Markets in Uttar Pradesh, India
Daly Margaret CHM 2012 Andrew Bocarsly Characterization and Performance of Cetyl Pyridinium Exchanged Nafion Membranes In Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells
Deprez Alexandra ANT 2012 Carol Greenhouse Nature Re-Visioned: An Ethnographic Diary from the Peruvian Amazon
Duarte Silva-Barry Ana POL 2012 Grigore Pop-Eleches Political Challenges of Global Common Resource Management: A Study of Fishing Subsidy Negotiations
Elbert Eleanor ART 2012 Bryan Just The Postclassic Maya Diving Maize God
Florence Peter CHM 2012 Jeffrey Schwartz Dipole Design for Organic Electronic Devices
Fredston-Hermann Alexa EEB 2012 Stephen Pacala A Paleontological Approach to the “Shifting Baselines” Question in Ecology: A Case Study of Caribbean Reef-Based Mollusk Communities
Freudenberg Stephanie EEB 2012 David Wilcove Foraging Ecology and Conservation of Wading Birds in Coastal New Jersey
Gideon Derek COM 2012 Wendy Belcher Strange Land: Poems
Jarry Lucile EEB 2012 Stephen Pacala Inter- and Intra-Specific Shifts in Wood Characteristics Across the Midwestern Rainfall Gradient
Judd D.J. Politics 2012 Martin Gilens Tweet the Press– Twitter Use in Politics, Media, and Movement Building
Krieb Karen EEB 2012 Stephen Pacala Can Reforestation Restore Soil Quality? The Effects of Pasture Abandonment on Soil Chemistry in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama
Lau Michelle CEE 2012 Maria Garlock A Seismic and Aesthetic Evaluation of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Les Daria POL 2012 Ezra Sulieman The Reemergence of Turkey in the Twenty-First Century: The motivation and impact of Turkey’s use of rhetoric in security-oriented policymaking to meet Turkey’s National Security Needs
Li Laiyin ECO 2012 Smita Brunnermeier “Spillovers” from the Environment to Equities: Investor Sentiment from Oil Spills and U.S. Stock Performance
McGrath Kayley WWS 2012 Denise Mauzerall Oitergrating Renewable Energy into the United States’ Electrical Grid: Identifying and Removing the Barriers to Sustainable Generation
McNamara Tess ARC 2012 Stan Allen Optimism In Concrete: Perspectives of Paolo Soleri
Miyagi Miyuki POL 2012 Paul Frymer Occupy Movement: News Media, Social Movement, and the Performance of The 99%
Moch Jonathan GEO 2012 David Medvigy Permafrost And Global Climate Change: Novel Models, Uncertainties, and Policy Implications
Nachmany Ruthie ANT 2012 Carol Greenhouse Constructed Island: A Maldives Imagined Elsewhere and the Choice of Climate Change as Narrative
Nason Sara GEO 2012 Satish Myneni The Effects of Elevated Soil CO2 on Plant Uptake of Metals
Plummer Sarah CBE 2012 Howard Stone Effect of Surfactant Addition of Coalescence of Oil Droplets in Water
Pyle Cassie SOC 2012 King-To Yeung The Sustainability Movement’s Impact on Consumers and Corporations
Rau Justine CHM 2012 Istvan Pelczer NMR Spectroscopy Utilization for Low Concentration Contaminant Identification in Water
Reo Bianca EEB 2012 Dan Rubenstein A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Nutrition & Land-Use of Plains and Grevy’s Zebra
Sasso Alissa EEB 2012 James Gould Specialist Seagrass Herbivores: Plant-Animal Interactions of the Emerald Neritid Smaragdia viridis and the Bucktooth Parrotfish Sparisoma radians in Bermuda
Scharfstein Rebecca WWS 2012 Mark Watson The Effect of Mortgage Credit Expansion on Energy Consumption in California
Shonts Steven GEO 2012 David Medvigy Constrained Parameterization of the Duel Arrhenius and Michaelis-Menton Model of Soil Carbon Respiration for a Central Amazonian Terra Firme Rainforest Site
Smits James ECO 2012 Smita Brunnermeier An Economic Evaluation of Water Trading Markets in the Western United States
Tornello Alana COM 2012 Caryl Emerson To Dream the Impossible Regime: Utopia from Page to Public Square in the Italian Risorgimento, the Russian Revolution, and the Egyptian Arab Spring
Venuti Michaela ECO 2012 Tom Vogl Beneath the Surface: An Empirical Analysis of Infant Mortality, Piped Water Access and Sanitation in Nigeria
Wesche Elizabeth ENG 2012 Simon Gikandi Silent Spring, Loud Response: The Public Mythologies and Political Impacts of Silent Spring
Wiedmaier Chadwick SOC 2012 Kim Lane Scheppele Poverty and Education: A Study of How Poverty Affects Education in Rural Uganda and a Unique Model towards Alleviating the Problems
Yi An PSY 2012 Gita Wilder Evaluating PEER as an intervention on self-esteem, social self-efficacy, ethnic identity, and locus of control: a study on socioeconomically disadvantaged Chinese adolescents
Zeng Alicia WWS 2012 Douglas Massey Laws of Nature: An Empirical Analysis of Environmental Justice Trends in Citizen Environmental Suits: 2000-2010
Zhao Anna ORF 2012 Alain Kornhauser A Time Series and Copula Approach to Forecasting Speed on State Route 167
Zheng Chenyu ECO 2012 Smita Brunnermeier Third Party Financing and Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Adoption Rates in California and New Jersey