Last Name First Name Major Adviser Title
Alvarado Juan Pablo CEE Ian Bourg Mexico City’s Water Management: “Tula No Se Inundó, La Inundaron”
Bejerano Stav PHI Anna Stilz Animal Exploitation and the Capitalist Growth Drive: Towards an Ecosocialist Philosophy
Boylan Camille SPIA Chris Greig Resolving Chicken-and-Egg Bottlenecks Facing the Deployment of Clean Energy Technologies for the Net-zero Transition in the United States
Brown Sarah Irene ANT João Biehl ‘Te Abre un Mundo’ │ ‘A World Opens to You’
In and Out of the Clinical Gaze in Tijuana Migrant Healthcare
Cao Ashley CEE Reed Maxwell Using Field-informed Hydrologic Modeling to Understand Species-specific Plant Water Stress Under Differing Climate Scenarios
Chen Calif SPIA Michael Oppenheimer Building Equitable Outcomes, BRIC by BRIC: Investigating Barriers to Coastal Resilience Funding Faced by Disadvantaged Communities
DiMare Francesca CHM Paul Chirik Evaluation of Phenoxythiazoline-cobalt Catalysts for C(sp2)–C(sp3) Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-coupling Reactions
Duggal Keenan MOL Martin Jonikas,
Eric Franklin
Plants, Pathogens and Algae: Modern Approaches to Fortify Global Food Security
Dupont Annabel Grace Bol ANT Hanna Garth Growing as the Trees Grow: A Study of Human-tree Interactions as Food Justice in South Central Los Angeles
Elkins Adam SPIA Nicky Sheats Zoning In and Out: Land Use Policies and Environmental Justice in Chicago and Houston
Elman Julia SPIA Douglas Massey “Our Bodies, Our Land, Our Choice, Our Voice”
Environmental Justice and Reproductive Rights: The Fight For Bodily Autonomy Through Coalition Politics
Emanuel Leah ANT Jerry Zee A Journey to the Heart of Energy in America: The Convergence of Diverse Temporalities in the West Texas Landscape
Esposito Madison CHM Paul Chirik Bis(phosphine) Cationic Co(I)- and Neutral Co(0)- Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Pharmaceutically-Relevant Functionalized Enamides
Frim-Abrams Naomi SOC Kristopher Velasco Social Prescribing in the United Kingdom: The Role of Organizational Networks and Implications for the United States
Giannattasio Alex SPIA Eric Larson It Isn’t Easy Being Green: Assessing Accelerators and Bottlenecks to Green Hydrogen Development in the Context of Chile’s National Green Hydrogen Strategy
Greenspan Noa ENG Allison Carruth Receiving the Knowledge: Stories
Hirsch Alison ART Rachael DeLue Monsanto as Image Maker: Feeding the World Lies
Holch Chaya HIS Anthony Grafton The Drowning and Draining of the English Fens
Jain Esha SPIA Douglas Massey A Case Study of Mumbai: Preparing the City for Incoming Migration and Climate Change
Koffler Henry ORFE Daniel Scheinerman A Pricing Analysis of European Cap and Trade Carbon Futures: Trading Strategies and Implications
Lane Juju REL Seth Perry The Pagan Project: Reclaiming Heritage, Healing, and Environmental Sovereignty in Ireland
Liu Amelia CHM Paul Chirik Developing Quinoline Pyridine Imine Iron Complexes for Upgrading Feedstock Olefins
Mahood Melina SPIA Gregory Jaczko Wrangling the Wild West: An Analysis of the Wild Horse and Burro Program in the United States
Manocha Aneesha ECE Jesse Jenkins Evaluating the Role of Co-located Energy Storage in a Decarbonized Energy Future
Matos Andrew ENG Susan Wolfson “The Idle Singer of an Empty Day”: The Fantastic and the Material in William Morris’s The Earthly Paradise
Mejia Marissa PSY Betsy Levy Paluck The Caged Bird Sings of Freedom: Using Social Norm Psychology to Counter Wild Songbird Trade in Vietnam
Moore Faith ECO Lin Peng The Impact of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation on United States and European Renewable Energy Stock Markets
Nguyen Cam My ARC Paul Lewis Designing for Deconstruction: The Architectural Implications of Impermanence
Pang Rachel Qing PHY Laure Resplandy Physical Controls of Coastal Hypoxia in the Indian Ocean Dipole
Poost Magdalena ANT Allison Carruth,
Brian Herrera
I Made This For You: Shared Meals as Sites of Memory, Care, Climate Change, and Resistance
Remez Elena SPIA David Wilcove Reigniting the Good Fire: Using Indigenous Networks and NGOs to Enhance Government to Government Work on Prescribed Burning for Reducing Wildfire Risk
Rodrigues Isabel GEO John Higgins A Minimally-invasive, On-site Identification Method for Lead-lined Water Service Lines:
A Case Study in Trenton, New Jersey
Sauter Molly EEB Bryan Grenfell Shedding Light on Influenza: Viral Kinetics, Transmission Dynamics, and Antibody Titers of Seasonal Influenza in Two South African Community Cohorts (PHIRST), 2016-2018
Seeley Liam SPA Rachel Price Vegetal Cartographies: Plant Aesthetics for After the End
Shell Robert SPIA Timothy Searchinger “We Need to Move Away”: The Future of Forestry Offsets under California’s Compliance Offset Protocol
Singh Riya SPIA Douglas Massey Environmental Goods and “Bads”: Understanding Green Infrastructure in NYCHA Public Housing
VanderMeer Camille ECO Stephen Redding Rising Fears and Tides: Flood Risk Perceptions in New Jersey Before and After Hurricane Sandy
Wills Isaac HIS Michael Laffan Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition: Protest, Petition, and Prison in British South Africa, 1875-1906
Wu Lois ANT Beth Semel Cricket Farming’s Capitalist Emergence: Care, Scale, and Moral Imaginaries in a New Industry of Food Production
Yan Karena ORFE Miklos Racz Equity, Mobility, and Sustainability: Analyzing Geographic and Demographic Disparities in Urban Bikeability
Zentner Aidan PHY Paul Steinhardt Hyperuniformity and Photonic Properties in Solids with Bond-orientational Order