Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Anderson Steven WWS 2007 Harold Feiveson Plugging the Smokestacks: Public Policy Incentives for Carbon Capture and Sequestration from Coal-Fired Electricity Generation
Aramburu Jason EEB 2007 Stephen W. Pacala A Potential Atta-Ficus Mutualism
Box Daniel WWS 2007 Harold Feiveson Transportation Decision Making in New Jersey: The Role of Technical Analysis and Local Interests in Planning for New Jersey Route 92
Burgess Edward CHM 2007 Michael Leslie Bender Investigating the Buildup of the Greenland Ice Sheet from the Chemical Composition of Trapped Gasses in GISP2 Silty Ice
Connell Alexandra WWS 2007 Burton Singer Oil, Diamonds, & Development: A Strategy for Angola
Dreibelbis Michael REL 2007 Jeffrey Lee Stout On the Intrinsic Value of Nature, in Relation to God, the Transcendent Good
Fowler William CHM 2007 Joshua D. Rabinowitz Modeling Nitrogen Assimilation in Escherichia Coli
Gilmore Scott PHY 2007 Stephen W. Pacala Detecting Niche Structure in Species Abundance Data
Harding Jevon GEO 2007 Satish Myneni The Behavior of Natural Organochlorine in Soil
Herling Adam WWS 2007 John Londregan Affordable Water and Sanitation Services for the Urban Poor: Improving Private Sector Participation in Latin America
Jain Meha EEB 2007 Dan I. Rubenstein Measuring the Effects of Cattle on Land and Wildlife in Laikipia, Kenya
Kahler Dustin WWS 2007 Dean Yang The Potential of Private Sector R&D in Africa: Addressing Failures in the Market for Agricultural Biotechnologies
Lilly Nicholas EEB 2007 Jeanne Altmann Dreams of Ingrid Capac-Nolasco, or, A Description of Place: Communicating the Social and Scientific Complexities of Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Conservation through Fiction
Lough Lindsay EEB 2007 Stephen W. Pacala Ecological Perspectives on the Microbial Community Structure of Shipwrecks: Evidence for a Temporal Succession
McCabe Ryan POL 2007 Jessica L. Trounstine Urban Voting Trends: The Cities of Los Angeles and New York
Ott James HIS 2007 James Alexander Dun Conservationism Versus Capitalism: The Private Development HIS of Yellowstone National Park, 1872-1916
Piaskowy Sara CEE 2007 Yin L. Young Engineerng for Life at Low Elevations: A Case Study of Bay Side Flooding in Seaside Park, NJ
Potter Daniel CEE 2007 James A. Smith Effects of Solar Radiation On Daily Carbon Dioxide Flux Variation
Schaitkin Alexis COM 2007 Chang-rae Lee Warp and Weft Stories
Soh Pei ECO 2007 Smita Brunnermeier Playing Footsie with Global Warming: How the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Impacts the London Stock Exchange
Sproat Jacalyn CHE 2007 Sankaran Sundaresan Selective Adsorption of Water by Zeolites
Sweney William CLA 2007 Edward Champlin Ostia + Suburbia: A Manifesto on Sustainable Urbanism
Voorheis Kyle POL 2007 Martin I. Gilens Environmental Policymaking in the 21st Century: Defederalization and Why It Works
Walsh Pamela GEO 2007 Lincoln Hollister The Proterozoic HIS of New Mexico: An Analysis of Metamorphism, Deformation, and Plutonism
Warren Alison GEO 2007 Lincoln Hollister A Petrological Study of a Possible Metamorphic Core Complex in the Central Andes, Peru
Wright Grace SPA/POR 2007 Gabriela Nouzeilles Pobre Aguacate! A Study of 1950s Puerto Rican Hurricane Perceptions in Documentary and News Media
Zuckerman Ellen GEO 2007 Daniel Sigman Carbonate Associated Nitrate Analysis