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Researchers find nature’s backup plan for converting nitrogen into plant nutrients

November 11, 2019 ・ Joseph Albanese

Although nitrogen is essential for all living organisms — it makes up 3% of the human body — and comprises 78% of Earth’s atmosphere, it’s almost ironically difficult for plants and natural systems to access it. Atmospheric nitrogen is not…

Zhang receives Simons Early Career Award to study the ocean’s nitrogen producers

May 28, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

Xinning Zhang, assistant professor of geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute, was among nine scientists nationwide to receive a three-year 2019 Simons Early Career Investigators in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution Award from the Simons Foundation. An environmental microbiologist, Zhang’s…

PEI Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

February 1, 2017 ・ Joanna M. Foster ’08 for the Princeton Environmental Institute

The Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) is pleased to welcome Gabriel Vecchi, Luc Deike, Laure Resplandy, and Xinning Zhang.