Two Undergraduates Receive Becky Colvin ’95 Memorial Awards

Holly P. Welles ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute

Two undergraduates have been awarded the Becky Colvin ’95 Memorial Award. This year’s recipients include: Lauren Wyman ’14 and Elizabeth McKenna ’14.

The Colvin prize, awarded to juniors who are enrolled in Princeton’s undergraduate Program in Environmental Studies or majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology, was established in memory of Becky Colvin ’95, an ecology and evolutionary biology (EEB) major who was strongly committed to the field of ecology and environmental studies. The award provides an annual grant to support undergraduate environmental field research projects for the senior thesis.

Undergraduates may apply in the spring semester of their junior year. Recipients are selected by the director of the Princeton Environmental Institute and the chair of the ecology and evolutionary biology department in consultation with the Colvin Family.

2013 Becky Colvin ’95 Memorial Awards

Lauren Wyman ‘14

Major:  Ecology and Evolution Biology

Senior Thesis Title: The effects of introduced species on an ecosystem’s ability to rebound after environmental disturbances. (Specifically, researching the spider populations on the islands pre- and post-Hurricane Sandy of the Bahamas.)
Adviser:  Robert Pringle, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology

Elizabeth McKenna ‘14

Major:  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Senior Thesis Title: Researching the effects of varying light and sedimentation conditions on the growth rates of juvenile corals at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS).
Adviser: Simon Levin, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology