Socolow’s “Commitment Accounting of CO2 Emissions” Featured in ELR’s 2014 Top 25 Highlights

Holly P. Welles ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute

ERL HighlightsRobert Socolow, a Princeton professor, emeritus, of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and co-author Steven Davis, a professor of earth system science at UC-Irvine wrote a paper entitled ’Commitment Accounting of CO2 Emissions’ article is featured in Environmental Research Letters (ERL) Highlights of 2014. Twenty-five (25) ground-breaking articles are featured in the collection covering a breadth of topics intending to show-case an increasing trend toward more interdisciplinary approaches within the environmental sciences. The editors state, “Many of these published articles have gone on to make significant impacts, not only in advancing the science in critical fields, but also in real-world applications, policy discussions and public engagement.”

An article about Socolow’s and Davis’s research including a video and a link to the full article is posted on PEI’s website. The full list of articles featured in ERL’s Highlights of 2014, including “Commitment Accounting of CO2 Emissions” can be found here.