Screening and Presentation of Emmy Award-Winning Film: Journey of the Universe; October 3, 7pm

Holly P. Welles ・ Princeton Environmental Institute

Visiting professors at the Princeton Environmental Institute, Mary EvelynTucker and John Grim, teach World Religions and Ecology at Yale University.  They directed a series of 10 conferences at Harvard on World Religions and Ecology and edited a series of 10 books from the conferences.  They are also executive producers of an Emmy Award-Winning film shown on PBS, Journey of the Universe.  The film weaves a tapestry that draws together scientific discoveries in astronomy, geology, biology, ecology, and biodiversity with humanistic insights.  From the Big Bang to the impact humans have on the planet today, the film depicts the epic of evolution as the broadest context for considering environmental problems.  Tucker and Grim will hold a question and answer session after the 50 minute film.

Location:   Lewis Library, Room 120

Start Date/Time:  2012-10-03, 7pm

End Date/Time:  2012-10-03, 9pm