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Tropical birds may skip breeding when hot, dry conditions persist

July 20, 2021 ・ Liana Wait

During the past several years, ecologists have warned that prolonged periods of drought may be leading to declines in tropical bird populations by reducing reproductive success in adults. Now, Princeton researchers report that some tropical birds may not only be…

As Princeton’s Lake Carnegie opens less often for skating, a climate trend may be emerging

March 29, 2021 ・ Morgan Kelly

The heavy snowfalls and frigid days of this past winter in New Jersey let Princeton sophomore Grace Liu finally experience the Northeastern winter she’d only imagined growing up in her Florida hometown of palm trees and sandy beaches. She was…

Lauren von Berg, Class of 2020, publishes research from PEI internship studying Antarctic sea ice

June 16, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

In the images Lauren von Berg created, the ebb and flow of life in one of Earth’s most inhospitable places undulates across the screen. As a Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) intern at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, von Berg worked…