How Climate Works: Symposium Video Series

Holly Welles ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute
Speakers answering questions from the audience
Speakers answering questions from the audience. From left to right: Michael Bender, David Archer, Andrew Ingersoll, and Shawn Marshall.

Andrew Revkin delivering the keynote address
Andrew Revkin delivering the keynote address. Revkin is an award-winning journalist at the New York Times and senior fellow at Pace University’s Academy for Applied Environmental Studies.

In October, the Princeton University Press and the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) hosted a one day symposium at Princeton University on the Fundamentals of Climate Science.

The event featured scientists who provided an overview of the state of art of climate research in their particular field of expertise including: climate and the oceans (Geoff Vallis, GFDL, Princeton University); ecosystems and climate (David Schimel, California Institute of Technology); atmosphere, clouds, and climate (David Randall, Colorado State University); the global carbon cycle (David Archer, University of Chicago); the paleoclimate (Michael Bender, Princeton University); the cryosphere (Shawn Marshall, University of Calgary); and planetary climate (Andrew Ingersoll, CalTech).The keynote was delivered by Andrew Revkin of the New York Times.

The genesis for the symposium was the production of a book series that explains the state of the art in climate-science research, Princeton Primers in Climate.  Written specifically for students, researchers, and scientifically minded general readers looking for succinct and readable books on this frequently misunderstood subject, these primers reveal the physical workings of the global climate system with accessibility and detail.

To watch one or more of the symposium presentations please visit Fundamentals of Climate Science videosMore information about the Princeton Primers in Climate book series can be found at .

Photo credits: Mark Czajkowski