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Fewer fish may reach breeding age as climate change skews timing of reproduction, food availability

July 24, 2019 ・ Joseph Albanese

Climate change may be depriving juvenile fish of their most crucial early food source by throwing off the synchronization of when microscopic plants known as phytoplankton bloom and when fish hatch, according to Princeton University researchers. The long-term effect on…

Sarmiento Leading Effort to Unmask the Mysteries of the Southern Ocean

November 17, 2016 ・ Holly Welles

Article in Nature describes efforts by Jorge Sarmiento and collaborators to gather first real-time data on processes that govern carbon in the Southern Ocean.

PEI Awards $840,000 for Innovative Research, Teaching, and Mentorship in Water and the Environment

June 13, 2016 ・ Molly Sharlach for the Princeton Environmental Institute

The Princeton Environmental Institute has awarded a total of $840,000 to support seven original research projects which will become the nucleus of a new Grand Challenges cooperative focused on environmental issues associated with physical, chemical, and biological aspects of oceans…

Watch The Soccom Google Hangout

December 5, 2014 ・ Igor Heifetz
S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

$780,000 Awarded for Innovative Research, Teaching, and Mentorship in Energy and the Environment

May 28, 2014 ・ Holly P. Welles

Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (ACEE) have announced awards totaling $780,000 to support eight (8) innovative projects in energy and the environment. The awards follow a joint call for research proposals earlier…

Secrets of the Southern Ocean

November 17, 2013 ・ Igor Heifetz