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Predicting snowpack in the West before the first flake falls

January 24, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly, PEI

Princeton-NOAA research suggests that annual snowmelt in the American West can be predicted to the scale of a mountain range as early as March.

With Droughts and Downpours, Climate Change Feeds Chesapeake Bay Algal Blooms

August 11, 2016 ・ Bennett McIntosh for the Office of the Dean for Research

A study led by Princeton University researchers shows that weather patterns tied to climate change may increase the severity of algal blooms in Chesapeake Bay.

$780,000 Awarded for Innovative Research, Teaching, and Mentorship in Energy and the Environment

May 28, 2014 ・ Holly P. Welles

Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (ACEE) have announced awards totaling $780,000 to support eight (8) innovative projects in energy and the environment. The awards follow a joint call for research proposals earlier…

Without Plants, Earth Would Cook Under Billions of Tons of Additional Carbon

October 16, 2013 ・ Morgan Kelly

Enhanced growth of Earth’s leafy greens during the 20th century has significantly slowed the planet’s transition to being red-hot, according to a new research study supported by the Princeton Carbon Mitigation Initiative.