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From muddy boots to mathematics: Advancing the science of ecosystems and biodiversity

August 14, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

Princeton’s vital research across the spectrum of environmental issues is today and will continue to be pivotal to solving some of humanity’s toughest problems. Our impact is built on a long, deep, broad legacy of personal commitment, intellectual leadership, perseverance…

Study on shorebirds suggests that when conserving species, not all land is equal

June 9, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

Princeton University researchers may have solved a long-standing mystery in conservation that could influence how natural lands are designated for the preservation of endangered species. Around the world, the migratory shorebirds that are a conspicuous feature of coastal habitats are…

‘Defend the progress you’ve made’: Addressing the urgency, hope of conservation

February 18, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

“How many of you have found the content of this course depressing?” Princeton professor David Wilcove asked as he began one of the last lectures of the fall course “Conservation Biology.” After three months of examining the global decimation of…

Full video of Princeton Environmental Forum now available

December 5, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

Video is now available of the Oct. 24-25 Princeton Environmental Forum featuring Princeton faculty and alumni environmental leaders in a series of discussions addressing urgent environmental issues for the 21st century, including climate change science and policy, the protection of…

At the frontline: Princeton Environmental Forum addresses environmental crises of the 21st century

October 31, 2019 ・ Denise Valenti and Tom Garlinghouse

In response to the urgent environmental challenges facing the planet, Princeton faculty and alumni who are actively working to protect the environment gathered for the Princeton Environmental Forum held on campus Oct. 24-25. They came with knowledge, questions and an…

Study helps pinpoint what makes species vulnerable to environmental change

October 16, 2019 ・ Joseph Albanese

The fabled use of canaries in coal mines as an early warning of carbon monoxide stemmed from the birds’ extreme sensitivity to toxic conditions compared to humans. In that vein, some avian species can indicate environmental distress brought on by…

Nature’s Nation’ faculty panel explores confluence of environmental science and art

December 5, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly

In a painting of Carolina parakeets by American ornithologist John Audubon, the birds’ scarlet and yellow visages emanate from a tangle of emerald feathers and brown cocklebur branches. Known for the large tight-knit flocks that made them easy to slaughter…

PEI and Art Museum host Art + Environment Event Series

October 18, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly

The Princeton Environmental Institute and the Princeton University Art Museum will host the Art + Environment Event Series, in which noted authors, journalists and researchers will speak at Princeton University to offer perspectives on the intersections between art and environment. The…

PEI researchers among recipients of Dean for Research Innovation Funds

April 24, 2018

PEI faculty and associated faculty were among several Princeton faculty to receive 2018 Dean for Research Innovation Funds