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Like a natural system, democracy faces collapse as polarization leads to loss of diversity

December 6, 2021 ・ Morgan Kelly

Much like an overexploited ecosystem, the increasingly polarized political landscape in the United States — and much of the world — is experiencing a catastrophic loss of diversity that threatens the resilience not only of democracy, but also of society, according…

Gone one, gone all: Without Africa’s large herbivores, a woody vine could threaten the biodiversity of savanna plant communities

September 27, 2021 ・ Liana Wait

The African savanna supports one of the world’s last intact large-mammal communities. Savannas also are home to a diverse array of plant species, but human-driven declines in animal populations could disrupt the balance of both plant and animal species in…

From muddy boots to mathematics: Advancing the science of ecosystems and biodiversity

August 14, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

Princeton’s vital research across the spectrum of environmental issues is today and will continue to be pivotal to solving some of humanity’s toughest problems. Our impact is built on a long, deep, broad legacy of personal commitment, intellectual leadership, perseverance…

Full video of Princeton Environmental Forum now available

December 5, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

Video is now available of the Oct. 24-25 Princeton Environmental Forum featuring Princeton faculty and alumni environmental leaders in a series of discussions addressing urgent environmental issues for the 21st century, including climate change science and policy, the protection of…

At the frontline: Princeton Environmental Forum addresses environmental crises of the 21st century

October 31, 2019 ・ Denise Valenti and Tom Garlinghouse

In response to the urgent environmental challenges facing the planet, Princeton faculty and alumni who are actively working to protect the environment gathered for the Princeton Environmental Forum held on campus Oct. 24-25. They came with knowledge, questions and an…

PEI awards $1.01 million in Water and the Environment Grand Challenge projects

October 1, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

The ecological impacts of extreme weather, a national “climate park” in the New Jersey Meadowlands, and engineered nanoparticles that target groundwater pollutants are among the 13 projects funded by the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) as part of its Water and…

FACULTY HONOR: Tarnita Named ESA Early Career Fellow

February 6, 2017 ・ Holly Welles

Corina Tarnita was named an Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America (ESA).

In African ‘Fairy Circles,’ a Template for Nature’s Many Patterns

January 19, 2017 ・ Morgan Kelly, Office of Communications

Scientists have long debated how landscape-scale plant patterns such as the famous “fairy circles” of Namibia form and persist.

PEI Awards $840,000 for Innovative Research, Teaching, and Mentorship in Water and the Environment

June 13, 2016 ・ Molly Sharlach for the Princeton Environmental Institute

The Princeton Environmental Institute has awarded a total of $840,000 to support seven original research projects which will become the nucleus of a new Grand Challenges cooperative focused on environmental issues associated with physical, chemical, and biological aspects of oceans…