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ENV alumna Emily Geyman goes from the tropics to the top of the world

February 9, 2022 ・ Mary Cate Connors

It’s 6 a.m. and the sun is up; there’s been near-constant light since April. The coffee at the research station is hot and ready, and the GPS has been programmed for the morning’s trek. It’s -35 degrees Fahrenheit — even…

Geyman’s published senior thesis research offers new thoughts on how carbonates record global carbon cycle

November 8, 2019 ・ Tom Garlinghouse

When scientists want to study Earth’s very ancient geological past — typically greater than 100 million years ago — they often turn to rocks called carbonates. Calcium carbonates, the most ubiquitous forms of carbonate, are minerals that precipitate from seawater…

Princeton geologists solve fossil mystery by creating 3-D ‘virtual tour’ through rock

February 27, 2018 ・ Liz Fuller-Wright

Princeton geoscientists Adam Maloof and Akshay Mehra can create 3-D versions of rock samples that scientists can look at from any angle.

Two Undergraduates Awarded to PEI’s Environmental Scholars Program

May 27, 2014 ・ Holly Welles

Two undergraduates have been selected to the PEI’s Environmental Scholars Program. This two-year award was given to geosciences majors, Alison Campion ’16 and civil and environmental engineering major, Elliot Chang ‘16.