Center for BioComplexity News – Fall 2014

Contributed by Sandra Milburn for PEI ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute

CBC Researchers Receive Funding for Three New Collaborative Projects

Simon Levin and James Watson (Stockholm Resilience Centre) were chosen by Princeton’s Council for International Teaching and Research to receive a grant from the Princeton Global Collaborative Networks Fund.  Levin and Watson’s project “A Global Collaborative Network for Analyzing Social-Environmental Systems” will bring together ecologists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, and political scientists from Princeton University, the Venice International Center for Climate Studies (Italy), Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (Norway), and Stockholm Resilience Centre (Sweden) to tackle issues ranging from the resource limitations of small-scale fisheries to global climate change.

CBC has also received funding, as part of a collaborative effort led by former CBC researcher Malin Pinsky (Rutgers), for the project “Coastal SEES Collaborative Research: Adaptations of Fish and Fishing Communities to Rapid Climate Velocities.”  This  will be a collaborative effort among ecological and social scientists from Rutgers, Yale, Princeton, and NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center to explore how fish populations are affected by the cumulative impacts of fishing, climate, and changing species interactions.  Simon Levin will lead the theoretical analysis component of this project.

A third collaborative venture involving CBC researchers, “Resource-Based Growth Under Climate Change: Ecological and Socio-Ecological Constraints” (ResGreen) has received funding from Nordforsk.  Led by Nils Christian Stenseth (University of Oslo) and Anne Marie Eikeset (former CBC postdoc from the University of Oslo, in residence at the CBC again this Fall), the project’s goal is to establish research nodes at northern European universities, among them the University of Oslo and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and at Princeton University to form a consortium of leaders in sustainability science who will produce the knowledge necessary to achieve green growth.  Simon Levin will serve as node leader at Princeton.

Finally, Simon Levin, Iain Couzin, and Naomi Leonard received a new grant from the Army Research Office to continue and deepen their research collaboration on robustness and adaptability in collective behavior, already supported by the ARO and other agencies.

Sjark (fishing boat) outside Henningsvaer, Norway.  Courtesy of Ann Marie Eikeset.
Sjark (fishing boat) outside Henningsvaer, Norway. Courtesy of Ann Marie Eikeset.


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