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S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

wE-unions: Green is the New Orange and Black

April 30, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

wE-unions is an interactive, playful, & all-invited event about environment, public space, justice, and community. Designed and led by students in the spring 2015 Atelier course, “Performing Environmental Stories,” with professors Jenny Price and Kelly Baum. Monday, May 4, 2015…

Presentation: The Art of Science Filmmaking, Dena Seidel

March 20, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

Wednesday, March 25th, 4:30-6:00 pm.Guyot 10, Princeton University Dena Seidel is an award winning filmmaker, educator and the founding director of the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking. Seidel’s hands-on curriculum involves students in the making of professional documentaries like Antarctic…

PEI Welcomes Visiting Senior Biologist Joan Ruderman

February 26, 2015 ・ Holly P. Welles

The Princeton Environmental Institute is pleased to welcome Joan Ruderman as Senior Biologist and a lecturer at the Princeton Environmental Institute. She previously served as the Marion V. Nelson Professor of Cell Biology at Harvard University Medical School and as…

Artists Making Cities: Two Events with Three Dynamic Artists

February 4, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

February 24, 2015 It s 2015 Do you know where your artists are? Increasingly, they’re heading out of the studio and into public spaces. They’re taking over sidewalks, revitalizing urban rivers, redesigning streets to be more people-friendly, and remediating industrial…

S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

2-day Science Communication Workshop with Randy Olson

January 26, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

Thursday, February 12, 2015 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Frist Multipurpose Room “Houston We Have A Narrative: Why Science Needs Story”- Improving science communication to non-scientists and the public: How to turn your research message into a narrative and make…

S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

Class Snapshot: The Environment Can Be Funny

April 14, 2014 ・ Alicia Brooks Waltman for PEI

The Instructor: As an environmentalist, an historian, an Urban Ranger, and a comedic writer, Jenny Price comes to Princeton University with a unique set of expertise and interests. It was this inimitable combination that led to her selection by the…

States of Waste: Ecologies of (Night) Soil

February 7, 2014 ・ Igor Heifetz

The rise of postcolonial ecocriticism has resulted in an expanded discussion about how we theorize the relationship between people and place. This talk addresses the depiction of soil in rather literal and material terms by exploring how Caribbean artists and…

Conference Explores Environmental Humanities in a Changing World

April 11, 2013 ・ Holly Welles

Rarely do photographers, artistic directors, musicians, novelists, poets, scientists, engineers, and scholars in religion, philosophy, and literature come together for two full-days to explore an emerging field of mutual interest. Such a unique gathering took place during Princeton University’s conference…