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Governments, researchers underestimate impact of inefficient land-use on climate change

December 12, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly

Policymakers and researchers have underestimated the effect that changes in land management and people’s diets would have on limiting greenhouse gas emissions and countering the effects of climate change, according to a study led by Princeton University. The researchers report in…

Europe’s Policy to Treat Wood as Low-Carbon Fuel Poised to Harm Global Forests

September 12, 2018

Europe’s decision to promote the use of wood as a “renewable fuel” will likely greatly increase Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and cause severe harm to the world’s forests, according to a new paper published in Nature Communications. European officials agreed…

Why Smart Agricultural Development Is Needed in Africa’s Savannas

October 8, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

Princeton researchers Lyndon Estes and Tim Searchinger discuss the potential for effective smart agriculture in Africa’s savannas.

Feeding the Future and the Future of Food: Panel Discussion and Screening of the Film “Modern Nature”

May 19, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

This panel will highlight research and educational activities currently underway by faculty, alumni, and graduate and undergraduate students to address the “food problem.” The broad focus will include health, environment, animal ethics, climate change, and food production and sufficiency. The…

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Wasting the Savanna

May 11, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

Tim Searchinger and Lyndon Estes are, respectively, a research scholar and associate research scholar at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs. In recent years, as governments have begun to protect tropical forests because of the carbon…