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From muddy boots to mathematics: Advancing the science of ecosystems and biodiversity

August 14, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

Princeton’s vital research across the spectrum of environmental issues is today and will continue to be pivotal to solving some of humanity’s toughest problems. Our impact is built on a long, deep, broad legacy of personal commitment, intellectual leadership, perseverance…

A burning question: Senior Maria Stahl examined the role of fire in wildlife recovery

May 15, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

“The sky above the flames was littered not only with ash, but also with huge flutters of butterflies and clouds of grasshoppers escaping the blaze. Every now and then a stray oribi or kudu darted out from the grassland to…

PEI awards $1.01 million in Water and the Environment Grand Challenge projects

October 1, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

The ecological impacts of extreme weather, a national “climate park” in the New Jersey Meadowlands, and engineered nanoparticles that target groundwater pollutants are among the 13 projects funded by the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) as part of its Water and…

Petticord explores a Kenyan ecosystem one tortoise at a time

May 17, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

Each year, the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) supports senior-thesis research by students from departments across the University. This story is part of a series exploring the disciplinary variety of PEI-funded undergraduate research carried out by members of the Class of…

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Protect and (pre)serve: Princeton students work on the ground level of environmental service

January 7, 2019 ・ Wendy Plump

Princeton University undergraduate students — including 2018 Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) summer intern Maria Stahl ’20 (profiled below) — demonstrate a new level of commitment to environmental conservation as they serve in research, volunteer and internship positions around the world.…

Protecting corn, saving elephants: Alana Reynolds pursues conservation through conflict resolution

May 30, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly, PEI

Senior Alana Reynolds’ (EEB/ENV) lifelong passion for the environment is rooted in the desire to help resolve human-wildlife conflict

The ecological costs of war in Africa

January 10, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly, PEI

Princeton researchers found that war has been a consistent factor in the decline of Africa’s large mammals, but that conservation and rehabilitation are still possible.

Drones, Thorns and New Orleans: PEI’s Summer of Learning Symposium features breadth of undergrad research

October 30, 2017

PEI’s internship program’s projects focused on global environmental challenges in the areas of policy and resilience, biodiversity and conservation, alternative energy, climate and oceans, and water, soil and human health.

Protecting nature, preserving humanity: A Q&A with Robert Pringle

June 2, 2017 ・ Morgan Kelly

Princeton University’s Robert Pringle discusses the need to shore up protected natural areas to preserve our planet and ourselves.