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2021 Hack Graduate Award recipients take on water issues from bacterial gels to plant diversity in arid climates

June 15, 2021 ・ Morgan Kelly

The High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI) has selected 11 Princeton University graduate students as 2021 recipients of the Mary and Randall Hack ’69 Graduate Awards for Water and the Environment. The awardees are Avery Agles, Tairan An, Shashank Anand, Jianshu…

PEI awards new Climate and Energy Challenge projects, from the natural color-scape to the right words for climate change

June 29, 2020 ・ Morgan Kelly

Four new projects funded by the Climate and Energy Grand Challenge program will explore topics such as the environmental impact of turbulence from offshore wind turbines, the effect of climate change on the natural color-scape, the efficient production of jet…

Deike receives NSF CAREER grant to study bubble fragmentation in turbulent liquids

March 3, 2019 ・ Morgan Kelly

Luc Deike, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and the Princeton Environmental Institute, has received a five-year, $410,000 CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to study how bubbles break up in moving fluids, or turbulent flows, such as…

So much depends on the velocity of tiny droplets cast upward

March 8, 2018 ・ Morgan Kelly

New research describes the velocity of aerosols cast upward as bubbles on a liquid’s surface burst. Above the ocean, these droplets transfer moisture, salt, and even toxins such as algae from water to air.


PEI Urban Challenge awards $348,000 to new urban sustainability projects

September 18, 2017

Extreme waves and cloudbursts: PEI’s Urban Grand Challenges program has funded three new urban-sustainability projects totaling $348,000.

S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

PEI Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

February 1, 2017 ・ Joanna M. Foster ’08 for the Princeton Environmental Institute

The Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) is pleased to welcome Gabriel Vecchi, Luc Deike, Laure Resplandy, and Xinning Zhang.