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Water, drought and flooding

August 11, 2020 ・ Molly Sharlach

Princeton’s vital research across the spectrum of environmental issues is today and will continue to be pivotal to solving some of humanity’s toughest problems. Our impact is built on a long, deep, broad legacy of personal commitment, intellectual leadership, perseverance…

Why are big storms bringing so much more rain? Warming, yes, but also winds

October 29, 2019 ・ Molly Sharlach

For three hurricane seasons in a row, storms with record-breaking rainfall have caused catastrophic flooding in the southern United States: Harvey in 2017, Florence in 2018 and Imelda in 2019. A new analysis by Princeton researchers explains why this trend…

Houston’s urban sprawl increased rainfall, flooding during Hurricane Harvey

November 11, 2018 ・ Lynn Anderson Davy & Morgan Kelly

Houston’s urban landscape directly contributed to the torrential rainfall and deadly flooding experienced during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, according to Princeton and University of Iowa researchers. The researchers report in the journal Nature Nov. 14 that Houston’s risk for extreme flooding…

PEI Urban Challenge awards $348,000 to new urban sustainability projects

September 18, 2017

Extreme waves and cloudbursts: PEI’s Urban Grand Challenges program has funded three new urban-sustainability projects totaling $348,000.

S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

Princeton Part of $12 Million Project to Set Up Urban Water-Sustainability Research Network

September 4, 2015 ・ Igor Heifetz

Princeton University researchers will join 14 academic institutions and partners nationwide on a $12 million project to address the challenges that threaten urban water systems in the United States and globally.

S.O.S. sign written in beach sand near beach waves hahaha

PEI-STEP Dan Li and Other Graduate Students Lead Air-Quality Sensor Research

October 15, 2012 ・ Holly Welles

A team of five Princeton engineering graduate students is leading a yearlong field research project using new laser sensors to measure pollutants with unprecedented sensitivity.

Water in Our World

August 17, 2012 ・ James Smith, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Global Changes Mean Complex Future for Tropical Storms

August 13, 2012 ・ John Sullivan, Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science