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Hand wearing blue latex glove holding a filled syringe horizontally

Spacing COVID-19 vaccine doses has epidemiological benefits, but longer-term outcomes depend on immunity robustness

March 9, 2021

Delaying second doses of COVID-19 vaccines should reduce case numbers in the near term. But the longer-term case burden and the potential for evolution of viral “escape” from immunity will depend on the robustness of immune responses generated by natural…

Long-term COVID-19 containment will be shaped by strength and duration of natural, vaccine-induced immunity

September 21, 2020

New research suggests that the impact of natural and vaccine-induced immunity will be key factors in shaping the future trajectory of the global coronavirus pandemic, known as COVID-19. In particular, a vaccine capable of eliciting a strong immune response could…

Competing for blood: How ecologists are solving infectious disease mysteries

February 12, 2018 ・ Liz Fuller-Wright

Princeton ecologists found that co-infections of malaria and hookworm center on fights over a shared resource: red blood cells.

Wild Sheep Show Benefits of Putting Up With Parasites

July 23, 2014 ・ Molly Sharlach, Office of the Dean for Research