The Environmental Humanities and Social Transformation Colloquium is key to the outreach mission of the Environmental Humanities program based in the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI). Established in Fall 2017, the series aims to build an intellectual community of Princeton scholars and graduate students from all backgrounds whose work is animated by — or intersects with — issues central to the environmental humanities. Artists, scholars, writers, photographers, journalists and activists from Princeton University and around the world are invited to lead intimate discussions related to the study and representation of how people shape — and are shaped by — their interactions with the environment.

The colloquium is organized by Rob Nixon, the Thomas A. and Currie C. Barron Family Professor in Humanities and the Environment and professor of English and the Princeton Environmental Institute, and Anne McClintock, the A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies and PEI associated faculty. Events begin at 4:30 p.m. in Corwin Hall, Seminar Room 130, and are open to the public. A listing of current and past events are below.

Journalist and author Meera Subramanian.

Current Series

Spring 2020

Seminar Topics Speaker(s)
Feb. 19

After Us the Deluge

Kadir van Lohuizen, Photojournalist, NOOR
March 4

Sovereignty at the Margins: Precarious Lives in the Bengal Delta

Malcolm Sen, Assistant Professor of English, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
April 1

CANCELED: Horizoning Work: On Wildfires and the Limits of Emergency Response

Adriana Petryna, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

April 22

CANCELED: (En)gendering Climate Justice

Farhana Sultana, Associate Professor of Geography and Research Director for Environmental Collaboration and Conflicts, Syracuse University


Past Series

Fall 2019

Seminar Topics Speaker(s)
Sept. 25

Once Upon a Tomorrow

Meera Subramanian, Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professor in the Environment and the Humanities, Princeton University
Oct. 16

Humans as Acquired Taste: Thoughts on the History of an Idea

Jacob Dlamini, Assistant Professor of History, Princeton University
Nov. 13

A Woman of Many Masks: Alice Sheldon as Climate-Fiction Pioneer and Anthropocene Prophet

Iain McCalman, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Sydney

Dec. 4

Salvage: Experiment, Engagement and the Environmental Humanities

Allison Carruth, Anschutz Distinguished Fellow in American Studies, Princeton University; Associate Professor of English, University of California-Los Angeles


Spring 2019

Seminar Topics Speaker(s)
Feb. 13

Black Environmental Writing in a Time of Crisis

Camille Dungy, Professor of English, Colorado State University
Mar. 13

Women and Men in the War Against Erosion: Gendering Water and Soil Conservation in Mao’s China

Micah Muscolino, Professor of Chinese History, University of California-San Diego
Apr. 3

Manifesting America in the Colorado Beet Fields

Bernadette Pérez, Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in Race and Ethnicity Studies in the Society of Fellows, Princeton University

Apr. 10

Nature but Not Only: Stories From the “Anthropo-not-seen”

Marisol de la Cadena, Professor of Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies, University of California-Davis
Apr. 17

The Cloud Is a Factory: An Environmental History of Computing

Nathan Ensmenger, Associate Professor of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, Indiana University Bloomington


Fall 2018

Seminar Topics Speaker(s)
Sept. 26


Fazal Sheikh, Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professor in the Environment and the Humanities, Princeton Environmental Institute
Oct.  3

The Future Is Now: Rising Waters and Colonial Ghostscapes

Anne McClintock, A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University
Oct. 17

Ecological Landscapes in Paleoanthropology and the Fates of Human Nature

Erika Milam, Professor of History, Princeton University

Nov. 7

Wild Boar Chase: The Half-Life Politics of Nuclear Things in Coastal Fukushima

Ryo Morimoto, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Princeton University
Nov. 28

Whale Calling: Listening to Zakes Mda from Hermanus, South Africa

Gavin Steingo, Assistant Professor of Music, Princeton University


Spring 2018

Seminar Topics Speaker(s)
Feb. 14

Decolonizing Climate Justice: Indigenous Movements

Kyle Whyte, Timnick Chair in the Humanities, Michigan State University
Feb.  28

So Moved: On the Gelatinous

Kyla Wazana Tompkins, Associate Professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies, Pomona College
Mar. 14

Colonial Semiotics

Monique Allewaert, Associate Professor of English, Cultures and Histories of the Environment, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Apr. 4

Sons and Daughters of Soil

Lesley Green, Director of Environmental Humanities South and Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Cape Town
Apr. 18

The Decontextualized Human: On Roots and Rootlessness

Christie Wampole, Associate Professor of French and Italian, Princeton University


Fall 2017

Seminar Topics Speaker(s)
Sept. 20

Extreme Cities

Ashley Dawson, Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron Visiting Professor in the Environment and the Humanities, Princeton University
Oct. 4 Laurel Mei-Singh, Postdoctoral Fellow, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University
Oct. 25

Photography and Environmental Crisis in Louisiana

Jeffrey Whetstone, Professor of Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University

Nov. 8

A Darkness Not Perpetual: Endless Mountains in Energy Transition

Robert Emmett, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Roanoke College
Nov. 29

Eco Swaraj: Can India’s Model of the Micro Transform Development for the 21st Century?

Meera Subramanian, Journalist