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Nov 7, 2017

PEI Faculty Seminar Series: Ocean Acidification

LENGTH ・ 00:58:00

Fall 2017 PEI Faculty Seminar Series – 11/7/2017 François M.M. Morel, Albert G. Blanke, Jr., Professor of Geosciences, professor of geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute The world’s oceans absorb about a quarter of the carbon dioxide (CO2) humans…

Sep 26, 2017

Taplin Environmental Lecture: “The Future of Water” by Peter Gleick

LENGTH ・ 01:20:19

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 – 4:30pm to 6:00pm Peter Gleick, President Emeritus of the Pacific Institute and a renowned expert on water and climate issues, will present, “The Future of Water,” at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26, in Guyot…

Oct 11, 2016

PEI Faculty Seminar Series: Competition, Hydraulic Damage, and the Universal Rules Regulating Plant Water Use

LENGTH ・ 01:06:19

Tiny valves on the surfaces of leaves, called stomates, regulate carbon gain and water loss by plants, and are thus linchpins of the global carbon and water cycles. Amazingly, the same simple model regulates stomates worldwide. This model is…

Sep 15, 2015

PEI Faculty Seminar Series: Expert Judgment and Uncertainty Quantification for Sea Level Rise

LENGTH ・ 00:54:01

Michael Oppenheimer, Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School. Director, Center for Science Technology and Environmental Policy Structural uncertainty in models presents a longstanding obstacle to estimating future sea level rise. The model-based range…

Mar 19, 2015

Muchebe Community Water Project 2014

LENGTH ・ 00:06:48

In 2014, the Princeton Engineers Without Borders Kenya team assessed for and implemented a rainwater catchment system at Muchebe Primary School located in Muchebe, Kuria District, Kenya.

Jul 25, 2013

The River of Muddy Water

LENGTH ・ 00:25:00

This short film, “The River of Muddy Water,” looks at the many challenges to water security in Kenya by examining the confluence of Maasai farmers who rely on the Ewaso Ng’iro river for virtually all their water needs, the…

May 30, 2013

Student Work: Clean Water for Peru

LENGTH ・ 00:03:42

Last summer, the Princeton chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-PU) traveled to La Pitajaya, Peru, to construct the first phase of a potable water system. The community currently gets water from a large river in the area that unfortunately…

Sep 10, 2012

Washington Road Stream Restoration

LENGTH ・ 00:03:10

Over many decades, increasing stormwater runoff has resulted in instability of the Washington Road Stream, causing erosion and other damage to the ecosystems in the immediate area. The goal of this project is to restore the Washington Road Stream…