One Picture: PIRANHA: An Undergraduate Institute for Rainforest Research

Carol Peters ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute
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This model on the right is a representation of the South America sector using the Ocean-Land-Atmosphere. The triangles indicate the model’s grid mesh and the colors indicate topography. Model picture courtesy of Professor David Medvigy

In November 2011 PEI established PIRANHA – Princeton Institute for Rainforests and the Amazon including their Nutrients, Hydrology, and the Atmosphere. The goal of PIRANHA is to provide Princeton undergraduate students with the funding, connections, and support needed to carry out stateof- the-science research on topics related to tropical rainforests. PIRANHA will function as an open community consortium for the exchange of ideas and resources among students and scientists at Princeton and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL). PIRANHA is an interdisciplinary consortium, and it welcomes students from a broad range of departments.

To learn more about PIRANHA or visit grandchallenges/energy/ research-highlights/ rainforest-research.