New Course for Spring 2011! ENV 302 /CEE 302/EEB 302: Advanced Analysis of Environmental Systems

Tucker Willsie ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute

Do you want to understand the effect of energy, water, and food on environmental systems throughout the world?

This course is an introduction to the study of environmental systems. Students will use quantitative analysis to examine three of today’s most pressing issues: energy, water, and food. Each issue is examined from perspectives of natural and engineered ecosystems that depend on complex interactions among physical, chemical, and biological processes. This class is for students in the natural sciences and engineering pursuing an advanced program in environmental studies, and fulfills the core designation or natural science cognate for the ENV Certificate Program. Please email Angela Petsis at: for an application.

Advanced Analysis of Environmental Systems
ENV 302 /CEE 302/EEB 302
Professor Michael Celia and Professor Lars Hedin

Monday and Wednesday 1:30– 2:50 pm

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