FACULTY AWARD: Levin Receives 2014 Luca Pacioli Prize for Interdisciplinary Approach

Holly Welles ・ High Meadows Environmental Institute

Simon LevinSimon Levin, the George M. Moffett Professor of Biology at Princeton University and PEI associated faculty member, has been awarded the “2014 Luca Pacioli Prize” by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The Prize is conferred to internationally renowned scholars who have developed a deep-rooted interdisciplinary approach. Specifically, Levin was awarded for his “many outstanding contributions in numerous fields, ranging from biology to ecology, evolution theory and game theory, the parallels between ecological systems and financial and economic systems, discounting, inter-generational and intra-generational equity, the management of public goods and common-pool resources, evolution and ecology of collective behavior.” 

The Prize is named after Luca Pacioli da Sansepolcro – one of the leading characters of the Renaissance and a founding father of the modern disciplines of geometry and accounting.