Ebola Outbreak Case Studies

2016 Seed Grant

This project aims to distill lessons about managing infection disease epidemics through research on the global response to the 2014-15 West African Ebola Outbreak. It is vital that the global health community and national health systems process and learn from the recent West Africa Ebola Outbreak so that we can continue to develop new and better responses to similar problems. The objective of this case study research project is to develop a series of 7-8 case studies about different aspects of the global response to the ebola outbreak across Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and neighboring countries. There is no way to address the whole response to the Ebola Outbreak in a single case study, while preserving the level of operational detail essential to careful reflection and learning. The interview-based case studies will focus on functional variation across countries and offer comparative insights.


Professor of Politics and International Affairs; Director, Innovations for Successful Societies
Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School