Dodoma Secondary School and Community Centre

2010-11 GC Seed Grant

The Dodoma Secondary School and Community Centre Project Grand Challenges Seed Grant awarded to Lindy Roy enabled the research and concept design phases of the Dodoma Secondary School and Community Centre buildings and site to commence while the operational and fundraising initiatives were being established. The institution is to be situated on a 64-acre site in Nala Village just outside Dodoma, Tanzania. The co-ed boarding school will be developed in three phases and will ultimately have a community of over 200 students drawn from the Dodoma area.

After the Tanzanian government abolished primary school fees in 2002, enrollment surged, however, the transition rate to secondary school remains stagnant: only five to seven percent of students eligible for a secondary level education actually enroll. Costs, long commutes, early pregnancy, poor health, and the need to contribute to family income contribute to this low enrollment. A shortage of schools – even for the five percent enrolled is a major obstacle.

Educational Impacts

Princeton undergrads with Masai pastoralists. (Photo: Lindy Roy)


As part of this seed grant, Roy taught an undergraduate design studio at Princeton’s School of Architecture in 2008 where students focused on developing design prototypes for the Dodoma site addressing design for low rainfall/drought conditions.

In 2009, three undergraduate students (Diana Lam ’12, Pak Lun Leung ’11, and Shaina Li ’11), traveled with Roy to Mpala Research Centre to conduct field research for a mobile housing prototype for Laikipia pastoralists of central Kenya. This work contributed to the development of the design of the Dodoma Secondary School in addressing design strategies for the low rainfall/drought conditions. Two graduate students (Miku Dixit and Adrian Heid) from the School of Architecture worked on the design of the Dodoma school over the summer of 2010.

Future Directions

A non-for-profit has been established and fundraising for the development and construction of the project has commenced.

Participating Department


Lindy Roy
Visiting Lecturer, School of Architecture

Graduate Students

  • Miku Dixit
  • Adrian Heid

Undergraduate Students