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PEI Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (PEI-STEP)

The central component of PEI's graduate program is the Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (PEI-STEP) offered in affiliation with the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (WWS). This two-year program enables participating students to explore the environmental policy dimensions of their doctoral research.

Students who complete the requirements of the PEI-STEP fellowship program are awarded a Graduate Certificate in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy from WWS in addition to receiving a degree from the department in which the student is enrolled. Since 2000, the program has supported over 50 PEI-STEP Fellows, many of whom have gone to pursue positions of environmental leadership in academic, government, non-profit, and industry sectors following their time at Princeton.

Funding Support

Through the PEI-STEP program, PEI offers half financial support for two years (stipend and tuition). Support is generally awarded in the second and third years of the student's Ph.D. tenure. PEI-STEP Fellows also receive a $3,500 award to support their graduate research. In addition, PEI-STEP students may apply for teaching assistantships with the Program in Environmental Studies.

PEI-STEP Graduate Certificate Requirements

PEI-STEP Graduate Certificate students are required to complete three graduate-level courses at WWS, including one STEP-approved science policy course, one non-science/tech policy course (e.g., economics, politics, psychology, sociology, and history), and one WWS graduate level elective.

PEI-STEP students wishing to obtain the STEP Graduate Certificate must meet the advanced policy paper requirement. This paper must be deemed of publishable quality and is often developed as a chapter of the student’s dissertation. Candidates must also fulfill the requirements of their home department.

Dissertation Committee and Advisers

PEI-STEP students must identify a PEI-STEP adviser in addition to a thesis adviser from their home department. The PEI-STEP adviser is expected to be included on the student’s dissertation committee.

Program Admission

Princeton graduate students in their first, second, or third year of study may apply for the PEI-STEP Fellowship Program. A competitive application process for admission to the PEI-STEP program is held each spring.