Yuanbo Lio ’10



Project Title

Sustainable Fisheries Management, Trade and Agriculture Directorate

As a stagiaire of the Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Fisheries Division of the OECD, my responsibilities were to research and analyze the approaches and policies for rebuilding fishieres in Regional Management Fisheries Organizations, to draft a shapter on Regional Fisheries Management Organziation for OECD publication, for an inventory of national and international approaches to fisheries rebuilding, and research and develop case studies of fisheries rebuildling plans, including those in developing countries. I created documents, compiling information as the basis for such analysis and for circulation to contacts in the Regional Management Fisheries Organzations for validation and completion, and researched suggestions made by consultants and made recommendations based on my research. I also reviewed options for European Union and United States case studies and developed those as well.

Internship Year


Project Category



Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (COECD), Paris, France