Xuefei Gao ’22



Project Title

US Architects Declare

Certificate(s): Language and Culture

I helped support US Architects Declare in their mission to address the interconnected crises of carbon emissions, biodiversity loss and social injustice caused by issues within the built environment. For my first project, I wrote, designed and published the organization’s first “Year-One Survey Summary” detailing where their signatories were in terms of the declaration. Further day-to-day work included outreach to signatories and the general public via social media for the signatory subcommittee. For my final project, I edited, wrote and designed five pamphlets for the Carbon Working Group aimed at educating fellow professionals in the field on what architects can do to mitigate climate change, including through the selection of low-carbon materials, conducting building life-cycle assessments, and relevant conversations with their clients. I left Architects Declare with a keen awareness of the role that the building sector plays in climate change, which will be a critical component of my own path to becoming a practicing architect.

Internship Year


Project Category

Urban Systems and Planning for a Sustainable Future


US Architects Declare


Paul Lewis, Professor of Architecture, Princeton University; Alexandra (Xan) Lillehei, Fellow, US Architects Declare