Wendy Lang ’13


Chemical and Biological Engineering

Project Title

Scientific Basis for Energy and Environmental Initiatives

This summer I interned with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), where I worked with the Office of Chief Scientist on a variety of projects aimed at ensuring that EDF’s positions and efforts are based on the best available scientific information. I conducted research and analyzed and synthesized information on environmental topics including methane leakage and monitoring, greenhouse gas inventories, deforestation emissions, climate model accuracy, low carbon fuel standards, and carbon capture and storage. This information was utilized in an array of specific program and team tasks as well as campaigns engaging the entire organization. I was also involved in developing preliminary frameworks for formulating, implementing, and evaluating metrics to be applied across different programs. Being able to participate in a wide range of initiatives allowed me not only to gain insights into the efforts and operations of a major non-profit organization, but also to strengthen my research skills and expand my knowledge of energy and environmental concerns and movements. This internship reaffirmed my interests in environmental studies and sustainable energy – areas which I am continuing to explore at Princeton and hope to continue in the future.

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate and Energy


Environmental Defense Fund, San Francisco, California


Millie Chu Baird, Environmental Defense Fund