Weimen Li ’17


Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering for Mobile Electric Device Commercial Project

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My internship at Lightening Energy centered on envisioning and developing different technologies that utilize renewable energy sources. I worked on three different projects during my time there. The first project focused on the RCube, an autonomous energy storage and microgeneration platform that would allow residential customers and small businesses to generate and store renewable energy from multiple sources and provide a platform for home automation technologies. My role was to design and then write a simulation for a control system for the RCube. I also helped to plan additional automation features that could be integrated into the system. The second project was the Athleticap, a fitness tracking/ injury prevention wearable electronic that uses Lightening Energy’s proprietary battery technology. My primary role in that project was to design and prototype the electrical circuit that the system would use; one of my ideas was to make use of energy harvesting systems in the circuit that could greatly prolong the battery life of the Athleticap. Finally, I designed an experimental procedure to help form and test the company’s proprietary battery technology. My internship was a great experience. All the projects I worked on fueled my interest in robotics and control systems, which I plan to further explore at Princeton.

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Alternative Energy


Lightening Energy, Dover, NJ


Eric Materniak, Lightening Energy